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Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident is one of the most stressful times of your life. As you try to heal from injuries and put your life back together, so much seems to work against you. The bills pile up. Then your job may be in jeopardy. You need medical care, and although you know you deserve compensation, you don't know the value of your case. So, that's where your Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer helps.

What Happens Next?

The first step is a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation. You meet with a Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer and then explain what happened. No more feeling overwhelmed with the legal process while you try to recover from your injuries. Your lawyer takes on the legal things on your side.

As a car accident victim, you'll need to build a personal injury claim to seek compensation for damages the other driver caused.

What Does A Sarasota Car Accident Lawyer Do For You?

The primary goal of a Sarasota car accident lawyer is to get you the financial compensation that covers expenses like:

  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

A Sarasota car accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who focuses in the laws surrounding car accidents. Here are some ways a Sarasota car accident lawyer helps you.

Understand Your Rights

Personal injury laws about car accidents are very specific, so it would be unusual if you fully understood what your full rights are.

When you did not cause the car accident, you don't pay for the damages. As the injured party, you seek compensation for your damages.

Your lawyer goes through all the relevant laws for your case. They help you understand your rights and how to legally protect yourself. The insurance companies might make you think there is little choice about your case proceeds-but you have choices.

Your Car Accident Attorney Will Also

Do the evidence gathering necessary to make your case:

  • File your personal injury claim at the other driver's insurance company
  • Negotiate a fair settlement, even if their insurer tries to get you to accept a lowball offer
  • Deal with specialized uninsured motorist claims
  • Manage claims from underinsured motorists
  • Handle Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims on your insurance
  • File a lawsuit when the insurance company refuses negotiations
  • Represent you in court if necessary

Legal Advice

Ever since the accident, you have probably heard a lot of advice. Friends and family all have their experiences and opinions. Then you check online, and it seems like every article says something different. It all gets confusing very quickly, especially as you struggle to heal from your injuries. Common injuries from car accidents include:

Ask a medical expert about your injuries and then contact the Coleman Law Group about your case. Your Sarasota car accident attorney can even help you see the right doctors. You need someone on your side who knows what should happen legally after your car accident. Years of schooling, training, and experience with car accident claims mean we can then give you qualified and experienced advice on the value of your case.

As an experienced Sarasota car accident lawyer, we will give you the best chance at a successful case. So, book a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation Now.


I was just in a car accident and I don't feel hurt. Should I still contact a lawyer?

Yes, even if you don't initially feel pain, it is always best to contact a lawyer. Here at Coleman Law Group, we can set you up with a FREE consultation so you can have all your questions answered. You have not financial obligation at this time because we only get paid if your auto accident case receives a settlement.

What happens if the person who hit me does not have car insurance?

Uninsured motorist (UM) accidents happen a lot and can ruin a PIP (personal injury protection) case if you don't have the right insurance. Without Uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance policy, there may be no insurance company to cover the damage, and any vehicle damage could end up as an out of pocket expense for the victim. It's always a good idea to check if you have the necessary coverage before anything happens.

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Is a police report necessary?

YES. A police report is very necessary as it is reported evidence that an incident actually happened. Many insurance companies require a police report to even start a claim.

Will a consult cost ME anything up front?

Coleman Law Group offers free case evaluation for ANY car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, or slip and fall case. If we take on your case we only get paid if you do. So, NO, a Personal Injury Case Evaluation cost nothing up front, and you will only be charged if your case is involved in a monetary settlement. It cost $0 to make sure you are OK after an auto accident.

What happens if the insurance company doesn't want to settle?

This is a regular occurrence. This is simple answer, we file a lawsuit.

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