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How to Claim For Your Injuries After a Scooter Accident?

Each year millions of scooter riders become victims of road accidents due to other riders’ faults. As a result, riders may face temporary or permanent damage, lack of earning ability, and insufficient funds to pay the bills. 

Victims should be compensated legally with the due claim they deserve in such cases. But to attain the claim, a victim must hire a St Petersburg scooter accident lawyer or legal attorney.    

In this article, find out how to claim for your injuries after a scooter accident and how a scooter accident attorney can help you with your case:

How to Claim for your Injuries After a Scooter Accident: Compensations that can be claimed   

These damages are based on the property damage and the extent of physical injury caused. One can file these claims through their insurance or file a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy. However, if the damages are serious and it exhausts the coverage provided in the insurance, the victim can file for a personal injury lawsuit against the convicted party.   

Apart from this, the victim can file the following damages against the neglected party  

  • Treatment costs- medical bills, surgeries, medication, rehabilitation, and cost of hospital stays.   
  • Missed workdays and loss of ability to earn   
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering   
  • Unable to return to quality life   
  • Property damage caused in an accident   

Different injuries can make the victim eligible for related compensation. As each collision is different, the average amount of damage may vary. This is why it’s extremely important to hire a scooter accident lawyer in St Petersburg and get yourself aware of the legal options you have. 

Possible injuries that can cause after a scooter accident   

When an individual becomes the victim of a scooter accident, they may experience various injuries which may result in temporary or permanent damages. To better understand, here are some of the listed possible injuries that one can experience after a scooter accident: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)  
  • Strains and sprain  
  • Broken bones  
  • Cuts, scrapes, and road rash    
  • Internal bleeding  
  • Head and neck trauma    
  • Burns  
  • Fractures of skull    
  • Soft tissue injuries    
  • Amputations  
  • Concussion  
  • Lacerations  
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder  
  • Dental injuries  
  • Spinal injuries  
  • Fractures in various bones    
  • Contusions or bruising    
  • Internal injuries  

Main causes of scooter accidents and how you can avoid   

A scooter ride is the most convenient way to escape the traffic, but it’s the riskiest ride too, which can cause devastating injuries to the victim and even result in fatal damages. However, for your convenience, here are a few major causes that lead to severe road scooter accidents and a guide to avoiding such circumstances.    

Uncalculated left turns   

Vehicles that are heading straight mostly get hit by sudden left turns. Despite confronting their mistake, riders often claim that they missed the vision of another rider or that the other riders were not visible at all. These accidents are often caused during the night time, as small headlights appear to be far, which causes a sudden collision and causes a major road accident.  

Scooter malfunction  

This is the most common cause of any motor accident on the road. A malfunctioned two-wheeler can cause damage to the driver and riders on the road. There can be various reasons behind a malfunctioned scooter – an un-serviced scooter, faulty making by manufacturers, or an electric short circuit that can set the scooter on fire.    

Rash driving   

This is another common reason behind road accidents. Most of the time, adults under 18-35 are victims of rash diving accidents. In such situations, the vehicle’s speed is fast, which causes severe damage to the rider or the passenger. Also, while sharing the same roadway, people try to exchange their lanes to avoid traffic, which is a major reason for road accidents. Riding zigzags in between heavy traffic can also lead to major accidents and fatal injuries.  

Guide to avoiding scooter accidents 

The most important thing to consider while riding on the road is to wear a helmet and obey traffic rules on priority. Below we have listed a few practices to avoid accidental situations. 

  • Avoid weaving while riding through pedestrians or other motor vehicles. It can cause imbalance and damage the property or injure the other riders.   
  • Avoid riding on sidewalks, as they are for the people walking on the road and can potentially harm several people at once.   
  • Most importantly, avoid drunk driving, which may lead the rider to un-calculated decisions on the road. These situations mostly lead to massive collisions and fatal injuries.  
  • The best practice is to avoid distracting the other riders on the road. For example, when sharing a common roadway, ensure that you stay on your lane and give enough space to other riders while maintaining adequate distance between other riders on you.  

Why should you hire a scooter accident attorney?   

Accidental cases are complex. A professional scooter accident attorney will study the aspects of your case and even look for loopholes if any. Hiring a professional attorney is also important as they prevent the victim from getting manipulated and fighting to legally attain the maximum compensation claim one deserves. And if required, they can even file a lawsuit against the convicted party and represent you in court.  

Benefits of hiring a scooter accident attorney  

If you handle your accident case alone or talk to the insurers, they can exploit your words and use them against you to provide the minimum compensation. Therefore, hiring a scooter accident attorney is vital to avoid such scams and more. However, there are a few more advantages of hiring a professional attorney by your side.   

Navigating the legal system of insurance policy is quite daunting. A slight mistake in your document or lack of understanding, “missing deadlines, or misinterpreting information” can impact your case severely. However, a qualified and certified attorney is usually familiar with the laws and regulations, so they can keep your case clean and help guide you through the policy details.   

Help prove liability    

While filling the claim, the most difficult part is to prove the negligence and liability of the victim. Most of the time, convicted parties deny their fault and try their best to escape to pay any compensation or claim. As scooter accidents tend to be critical, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney becomes extremely important. They will help gather the essential documents, get the witness for testification and create a strong argument on your behalf.    

Negotiate a fair settlement    

Insurers have expertise in handling and negotiating claim settlements. They are trained to negotiate in the best interest of their company, not the victim. Moreover, as there is miscaption about the motorists that they are reckless drivers, it becomes difficult to judge the compensation you deserve legally. But with the help of a scooter accident attorney, the victim can fight the case and negotiate a good deal in the victim’s best interest.   

Calculate monetary damages    

Most people get satisfied after getting their medical expenses compensated. However, the loss one sustains during a motorcycle accident is difficult to measure as it may take time to reflect the total damage the victim faces. During any accident, one suffers a lot more damage than physical, so it’s fair to claim the full damage caused. These damages may include wrongful death of a loved one, property damage, pain and suffering, and reduced quality of life. An experienced attorney will calculate all the damages caused and calculate a valid claim you deserve legally. Also, they will ensure that you return to your previous life as soon as possible.   

Prove your injuries

You must demonstrate that the accident caused your injuries to be paid for the claim. It won’t be enough to display the scars and broken limbs.

So, how do you back up your claim? First, you’ll need an experienced scooter accident attorney. The attorney will conduct a thorough investigation and gather evidence to develop a solid and convincing case for your claim.

They will gather police reports, speak with witnesses, and recreate the accident scene to support your claim.

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