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How to Become a Lawyer in Florida?

In the past few years, the masses have started showing a sudden interest in law, especially in the USA, where people are keen on exploring diverse fields of law like criminal law, labor law, family & juvenile law, etc.

Are you interested in making a career as a lawyer? Then keep reading to learn how to become a lawyer in Florida.

Every state in the United States of America has a different set of rules and regulations for becoming a lawyer. Talking specifically about Florida, it takes seven years of extensive study and hard work to become a lawyer. When a candidate finishes high school, they must dedicate four years of undergraduate study and three years of law school before practicing professionally as a lawyer.

Below mentioned are the step-by-step details on how to become a lawyer in Florida:

How Can One Become a Lawyer in Florida?

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The basic qualification required to become a lawyer is a bachelor’s degree. In Florida, there are no restrictions on subjects one should choose for their undergraduate. But try opting for subjects like criminal justice, philosophy, pre-law, economics, journalism, etc., that could challenge you intellectually.

Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Along with a bachelor’s degree, a candidate must take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) to get admission to a reputed law school. The administrative staff uses this score to assess the qualities and knowledge that the candidate possesses. LSAT is conducted in around 200 cities worldwide by the Law School Admission Council.

Tip: Make sure to take up a few practice test papers before giving the exam.

Apply for a Law School

Done with your undergrad and LSAT? What’s next?

Well, now is the time to begin applying for law schools. The passing degree of graduation and LSAT score will determine which law school one can attend. For a regular J.D. (Juris Doctor) student, earning a degree will take up to around three years, whereas part-time students will easily take up to four to five years.

Tip: Before you choose a law school, make sure to check whether or not it is associated with the American Bar Association.

Clear the Florida State Bar Exam

Usually, you will find that to pass the bar examination; a candidate must graduate from an ABA-approved law school. Along with that, one is also required to pass the state bar examination. There are different sets of testing guidelines for each state, but every candidate must give the exam.

The state bar exam takes around two days to complete. On day one, you will be required to complete the Multistate Bar Examination consisting of 200 MCQs, and day two will be purely focused on essay-based tests, which will cover different legal matters. Keep in mind that this exam is tough to crack. So, prepare yourself well!

Take Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam) is a two-hour test that consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. This exam aims to measure the knowledge and understanding of the candidates. A candidate must take the exam within 25 months of passing the Florida bar.

After following the steps mentioned above, you can practice law in Florida.

Points To Consider For Becoming A Successful Lawyer In Florida

If you want to become successful in your chosen profession, here are a few tips that you should take into consideration:

Take Up a Specialization

In Florida, the lawyers get certification for a specific specialty, for example, labor law, adoption law, etc. Instead of becoming a jack of all trades, the candidates should keep mastering that specific niche and assist their clients in unique ways.

Keep Developing New Skills

If you think a degree is enough to make you a successful lawyer, then it is time to think again. To gain success, one needs to keep developing their knowledge and skills. Keep reading journals and books specific to the niche you’ve chosen. If you are looking for some practical knowledge, working as a court filer or law clerk while in school can also work in your favor.

Ensure To Increase Your Professional Network:

Increasing one’s professional network helps advance one’s career and develop new skills. While browsing social media channels like LinkedIn or Instagram, get in touch with law professionals. One can also join the Florida Bar Association and other legal groups to help one meet other professionals.

Cost of Attending Law School In Florida

According to quite a few studies, a law school’s fee is around $87,222(public school) to $153,804 (private school). When you are moving directly from an undergraduate to a law school, this staggering amount can shake up any student’s finances.

But all the efforts and investment pay off as soon as you become a well-renowned lawyer. A lawyer in Florida gets an average salary of around $100,420 per year, and it’s just the beginning. Of course, your salary will increase once you become an experienced attorney.

How to Become a Lawyer in Florida: Key Takeaway

Becoming a lawyer, no matter where you reside, is tough. It is one of the most privileged and responsible jobs, and it takes a lot of grilling and practice to become successful in this field. However, lawyers help people get justice and fair compensation in their time of need.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney, contact Coleman Law Group. We know the law and can help you get fair compensation for your injuries. In addition, if you hire us to represent you, we won’t charge you any legal fees unless you receive compensation. This entails that there will be no cost to you and no risk involved in hiring us.

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