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How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents?

One reckless decision to jump a red light becomes a nightmare when another side vehicle hits the motorcyclist. A motorcycle accident is a life-threatening experience that leaves the driver with painful injuries, medical bills, and lost wages.

But what can drivers do to avoid such motorcycle accidents?

It is advised to take certain precautions and follow traffic rules to avoid such accidents. Some safety measures include wearing a helmet, observing speed limits, and never driving intoxicated.

Let’s learn how to avoid motorcycle accidents and stay safe on the roads!

What is the Most Common Motorcycle Accident?

No matter how safely a motorcycle driver drives on the road, another driver’s negligent behavior can become the reason for the crash. The most common motorcycle accidents are explained below:

Left-Turn Motorcycle Crash: An accident happens when the bike rider overtakes, and a vehicle suddenly takes a left turn in front of the bike. The accident can be more dangerous if the bike driver hasn’t worn safety equipment such as a helmet.

Lane Switching: A major accident occurs when a vehicle next to the bike switches lanes without giving the rider a signal. Unfortunately, it’s a common scenario that causes an accident.

Head-On Collision: Head-on collisions between a motorcyclist and the other vehicle are often fatal for the bike driver. The driver either catapults through the air or hits a hard surface in the crash.

Falling Out of a Corner: Entering a turn at high speed is the primary cause of the accident. As a result, the bike loses control, crashes, and falls out into the corner.

Wet & Slippery Road Conditions: Wet and slippery roads make motorists lose vehicle control. As a result, it threatens the riders and causes an accident.

Let’s dive in deep and learn where motorists mostly crash!

Where is a Motorcycle Most Likely to Crash?

A motorbike accident can happen to anyone at any time. However, some areas have a higher rate of motorbike accidents. In general, motorcycle accidents are more common in the following places:

Intersections: Around 56 percent of all crashes involving motorcycles happen at intersections, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). One of the two scenarios listed below occurs in a lot of these collisions:

  • A driver tries to make a left turn but fails to notice a motorcycle coming through the intersection from the opposite way.
  • A car sideswipes a motorcycle rider who is also trying to make a left turn.

Freeways: Freeways also witness a lot of motorbike accidents, many of which are brought on by drivers who fail to spot vehicles coming up behind them. Road debris, which includes rubber from burst tires, is to blame for additional accidents. Motorcyclists who encounter these kinds of obstructions may be involved in serious accidents because they are more severely affected by road debris.

Blind Spot Accidents: A driver is unable to see the oncoming vehicles in blind spots. These are particularly dangerous spots where collisions often happen. The accidents in the blind spots cause life-threatening injuries to motorists.

Let’s explore more and comprehend how to avoid motorcycle accidents!

How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents?

Prevention is better than cure! The statement truly justifies when it comes to avoiding motorcycle accidents. Follow the tips given below to prevent accidents.

Drive Slow: Reckless driving on the roads is one of the major reasons for accidents. In addition, motorists should follow the speed limits on the road to prevent accidents from happening.

Follow Defensive Driving: Defensive driving helps motorists to recognize unanticipated road risks and make informed decisions. Keeping a time gap between the vehicles on the road gives sufficient space to stop. Following defensive driving can help a driver to prevent accidents.

Wear a Helmet: Head injury is the most common injury in a motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle can help motorists to prevent injuries in an accident.

Double Check Your Brakes: Faulty brakes are one of the reasons for causing an accident. Therefore, it is advised to motorists to double-check the brakes before riding a motorcycle for safe driving.

Changing Lanes by Giving Signals: Driving a motorcycle on the roads requires physical and mental soundness. The motorists, without giving any signal, change lanes and this results in accidents. To avoid such situations, signal the other vehicles to prevent major road happenings.

Don’t Drink & DriveDriving while intoxicated is a serious crime. Drinking causes dizziness in drivers. It is advised to stay away from the effects of alcohol and drugs and drive safely on the roads.

Don’t Indulge in Dangerous Stunts: The motorists require special training to perform the stunts. Therefore, it is advised to motorists to refrain from indulging in dangerous stunts with amateur experience. Instead, take guidance from the experts and perform the stunts under their guidance to avoid happenings.

Never Wear Headphones While Driving: You might not hear cyclists or vehicles coming behind you while wearing headphones. However, it can be the cause of a crash. So, it is advised never to wear headphones while driving to prevent accidents.

Watch for Potential Hazards: Motorists should always watch for potential road hazards and take the necessary measures to bypass them.

Perform Maintenance Regularly: Regular maintenance of the engine, tires, headlamps, and turn signals and keeping the vehicle in running condition reduce crash risks.

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Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. A small mistake can cause an accident in a blink of an eye, causing severe injuries. In addition, you can’t control the other driver’s actions even if you follow defensive driving. But how to avoid motorcycle accidents? Every driver needs to follow traffic rules and regulations to prevent accidents because an accident causes physical injuries and impacts an individual’s mental well-being.

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