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How Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur per Year?

There are an insane number of registered motorcycles in the country today. And these numbers should keep on soaring since motorcycles are gaining more popularity as a cooler and more economical mode of transportation. However, the sad thing is that the number of motorcycle accidents has also been rising alongside this growing popularity. Therefore, it has become necessary to study this growing trend and note why these accidents happen.

Of course, an insight into motorcycle accident statistics will provide a clearer picture of how you can reduce these incidents and make safety your top priority while riding. You’ll also learn what to do during a crash to minimize risk. In these scenarios, knowledge is essential for avoiding further danger. Besides safety, understanding the impact of accident statistics could help you in cases where you take the issue to court regarding compensation.

Indeed, there is no doubt that knowing the variations in data about motorcycle accidents can be of great help when analyzing the faults and causes of such accidents. Well, read on if you want to learn more about accident statistics in the United States.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Occur Each Year?

Recent research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has provided some motorcycle accident statistics, which we can rely on for this article. This report states that in 2019 alone, about 30% of the motorcyclists who had fatal accidents on the road drove without a registered license. In addition, in that same year, those who were involved in fatal accidents were more likely to have a bad relationship with alcohol than people who drove other vehicles like cars and trucks.

Over 405 of those involved in accidents and died had traces of alcohol in their bodies. Plus, in states within the US where the Universal Helmet Act is absent, 56% of those killed in accidents did not wear helmets.

The truth is that riding a motorcycle can feed your body all sorts of feel-good hormones. This is because you’re driving in the open air without much protection, and you can feel the wind on your body. However, it can be both a blessing and a curse.

Motorcycles are not the safest kind of vehicle, especially during unfavorable weather conditions, and the rider is more susceptible to risk, such as injuries or sometimes death.

In 2022 an estimated 6,000 people died, and over 84,000 sustained injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Fatalities and Injuries Per Year

From 2011 to 2020, there were many reported motorcycle fatalities and injuries. Also, motorcyclists contributed to 14% of all accidents in 2020, despite accounting for only 3% of all registered road users. The fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred between 2016 and 2020 had numbers well exceeding 5000.

In 2016–2020, there were 5337 and 5579 fatalities, but fortunately, these numbers steadily decreased over the years. There were not many reports of injuries between 2017 and 2018, but there was a sharp increase of 2.39% in 2019, which later decreased by 1.53% in 2020. Also, over the last ten years, motorcycle accident injuries have not dipped below 81,000.

Motorcycle Fatalities by State

The frequency of fatalities from motorcycle accidents differs from state to state. For example, Florida had over 500 reported accidents in 2020 alone, while other states, such as the District of Columbia, had only seven reported accidents.

The states with the highest fatalities across the country include Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Texas, contributing as much as 37% of motorcycle deaths in 2020. This is even in locations where wearing helmets are mandatory for all ages, like North Carolina and California. Only Alaska, the District of Columbia, and Vermont had fewer than ten fatalities in 2020.

Motorcyclist Fatalities by Age Group

The age demographic of registered bike riders spans various legal ages, from 16 to as old as 65. However, in 2020, people between the ages of 25 and 29 contributed to the most number of accident cases.

Also, the older age bracket (over 50) is responsible for over 30% of incidents with fatalities. And over 505 of them happened on weekends.

Where do Motorcycle Accidents Happen the Most?

Of course, the environment plays a role in many motorcycle accident fatalities, injuries, and deaths. This is with over 60% of the fatalities occurring in urban areas, which are more densely populated.

Also, more motorcycle accidents happen at intersections, and there are several reasons for this. The reasons include that vehicles are often more unaware of their surroundings at intersections. Riders might also lose control while making a sharp turn or trying to avoid other vehicles.

Prevalent Weather Conditions in Motorcycle Accidents

Specific weather conditions can make it easier for an accident to occur, not just for motorcycle owners but for drivers of other kinds of vehicles. For instance, fog, snow, or rain causes issues with visibility or makes it easier to “slip” on the road.

The time at which motorcycle owners ride is also crucial. Going by this, people who ride more at night should have the most fatalities. But then, the reverse is the case. Most accident fatalities occur during the daytime, which might be due to bad weather as much as the rider’s carelessness.

To reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that result in fatalities and deaths, you should consider the following safety practices:

● Always wear protective headgear, as it can help prevent injuries to the head in the event of a crash. Also, make sure you buy the correct size.
● Increase your visibility by ensuring your lights are properly working before going on trips and by making sure that you wear clothing that makes it easier for you to be spotted on the road.
● Practice safe driving and coordination.
● Get a registered license.
● Have the contact of a motorcycle accident lawyer on your speed dial.

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