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Why Should you Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer? 

A truck accident victim may suffer debilitating injuries, vehicle damage, unexpected medical expenses, and other serious consequences.  The best thing would be to hire a truck accident lawyer.

After this traumatizing process, the victim aspires for a quick settlement from the insurance companies. It’s awful, but insurers don’t bother much and take longer to settle the truck accident claims. They negotiate and pay very little claims even if investigations are held in your favor.  

Interestingly, if the right decision to contact the legal attorney is made at the time of the accident, a victim can never face such financial consequences. The truck accident lawyer in Tampa represents victims in the lawsuit and oversees the case’s legal aspects for the time a victim focuses on a speedy recovery.  

Let’s get a little deeper and learn more! 

Compensations Victims Can Claim After a Truck Accident- Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident victim sustains serious injuries that require costly medical treatments. In some instances, a victim with long-term medical treatments cannot work for a longer time, which somehow ruins the financial stability of an individual. At that time, a law attorney helps you attain compensation from the insurance companies. Here are compensations that a victim can recover after a truck clash.

Medical Expenses 

A victim sustains various injuries that require hospital visits, doctor visits, therapy costs, and future medical care. Therefore, it is advised to keep the bills intact and calculate the covering cost of such medical bills. After bill calculations, a victim can claim for such expenses from the insurance companies. 

Financial Claims 

The severe injuries and long-term treatments require hospitalization and home care, leaving one jobless until recovery. In addition, it can be a financial blow to a victim. One can easily ask for such financial claims from insurance companies.  

Property Damage Claims 

A truck clash causes various property damages. The insurance companies calculate the overall maintenance expenses for the losses. The insurers settle the claims by fixing the truck damages, making it back to normal. 

Long Term Care   

Certain catastrophic injuries like spinal and brain injuries need long care for a lifetime. Apart from physical pain, these injuries initiate post-traumatic stress disorders in the victims. If it is left untreated, it can get worse with time. A victim may need counseling and therapies to get back to normal. The victims demand such claims from insurance companies.  

Tactics Insurance Companies Follow to Deny Your Truck Accident Claims 

The insurance companies follow various strategies for denying accident claims. The core goal of the insurance companies is to pay less compensation to the victims. Here are some tactics that insurers usually follow to delay the settlements. 

Call Immediately After a Truck Accident 

The Insurance companies mostly call soon after the accident so that victims don’t get the opportunity to hire a law attorney. The insurers act exceedingly friendly to comfort the victim to get all the information regarding the accident. Insurers consider this information and use it against the victim, so they are not paid fairly for claims.  

Ask Victim for Recorded Statements 

The insurers ask for the recorded statements to take things out in the context it could end the claims. The main role of the insurers is to use the recorded statements as a tool to deny the claims. We recommend you do not record any statement with the insurers until the law attorney instructs. 

Offer Lowball Settlements  

The insurers usually negotiate with the victims and ask for unfair settlements. But, once a claim is accepted, a victim can never return to suing the insurers for actual damages. So, the victim is advised to decline the negotiated settlements and demand higher compensation from the insurance companies. 

Disputes the Medical Bills & Liabilities 

The insurance companies deny the liabilities by saying that the victim is at fault in the accident. The insurers call it a bluff even if the victim is under medical treatment. The goal of the insurers is to check how far a victim can go to get the claims. Most people get frustrated and give up. Thus, it gives a reason to the insurers to devalue the claims of the victims. 

Why does it Take Longer to Settle Truck Accident Claims? 

Depending upon the accident’s severity, it is impossible to predict how long it will take to settle the claims. However, these are some of the factors that illustrate delays in settlements.  

  • Investigations: A truck driver doesn’t need to be always at fault. It can be the mistake of the other side party also. The insurance companies carry out deep investigations to envision who is at fault. It starts with analyzing some of the comprehensions, like did the truck driver follow the rules? Was the vehicle serviced regularly? Was the other party responsible for this? Did the truck meet the weight standards? All this can’t be examined on the same day and may require some evidence to prove the fault. It can be the core reason responsible for delaying settlements. 
  • Accident Severity: Truck accidents are distressing! It causes major injuries like fractures, brain hemorrhage, spinal cord fractures, and more that can even cause loss of life and property. Depending upon the severity of the medical conditions, the treatment may take several months to years, and some take a lifetime to recover from the life-threatening medical conditions. These facets need investigations and several documents to settle the claims, which can be time-consuming. 
  • Settling Negotiations: The medical treatments, insurance coverage, and other factors are considered before the negotiations enter settlements. The main goal of the insurers is to pay less for the coverage. So, they negotiate directly with the victims and pay less for the settlements. It may take several rounds of negotiations to end the settlement offerings finally. 

How Can an Attorney Help a Victim in a Truck Accident Case? 

A truck accident attorney understands the ins and outs of the case. They do everything possible to protect the victim’s legal rights. Here are a few reasons to comprehend why a victim should hire an attorney after a truck accident. 

Lawyers Represent You in Lawsuit 

A truck collision causes severe injuries and property damage to the passenger vehicle. The truck driver and the insurers fight back to pay for the injury claims. It is quite a devastating thing that causes delays in getting the claims. In all such cases, a law attorney rescues a victim and represents the court’s best interests. The lawyers defend against the liability claims and work on the victim’s behalf so that any hindrance does not ruin the case. 

Choose the Best Strategy for Your Case 

Lawyers investigate the ins and outs of the case. They gather all the possible evidence and frame the best strategy to prove the strong claims for the case. The lawyers analyze accident-related losses and visit the medical professionals to evaluate the treatment costs. On the victim’s behalf, lawyers manage everything from start to finish to get justice for the case. 

Safeguard Your Legal Rights 

While filing for the claims, a victim goes through various uncertainties to get the claims. The insurers ensure that a victim is never compensated fairly for the claims. To end such uncertainties, a lawyer does everything to pursue the claims. It involves comprehending the clauses of the insurance policies to ensure that the victim’s legal rights are protected. A truck accident lawyer anticipates the possible losses that a victim goes through from physical, financial, and emotional trauma. 

Communicating with the Insurance Companies 

Unfortunately, insurance companies never care about the pain and suffering that any victim goes through during the entire trauma. The legal team of the insurance companies tries everything to deny the claims in every possible way. Therefore, a law attorney with years of experience proves the strength of the claims and fights aggressively to protect the bottom line of the case. A truck lawyer follows every tactic to obtain compensation, even for intangible damages like pain and suffering. 

Negotiates with the Opposing Parties 

A truck accident lawyer helps the victims obtain compensation for intangible damages such as pain and suffering with years of expertise. A lawyer takes care of the case, damages, and medical bills to recover a winning number of compensations. In doing so, the lawyer presents all the relevant evidence in court and provides the compensation that a victim can rightfully owe. 

Wrapping Up 

A truck accident creates a panicking situation for the victim, whether physical, emotional, or financial loss. Physical pain may go with the treatments, but emotional pain altogether affects well-being. So, it is vital to make a smart decision and consult legal truck accident attorneys to get good settlements. In addition, the accident lawyer assists clients in easing the process so that a victim is paid enough for the losses. Contact the Coleman Law Group for help during a tough situation such as a truck accident.

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