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Get Your Damage Compensated After a Scooter Accident

Nowadays, if you believe there are more car riders, you are mistaken! We have thousands of bike riders, leading to thousands of road accidents, where everyday motorcyclists are injured. It’s not just speculation, as the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has claimed that over 80,000 St. Petersburg scooter riders/motorcyclists get injured yearly in road accidents.   

Some are hit-and-run cases and on-the-spot death, and some get immediate assistance. Whether you are riding your scooter or using a rented transport like – Uber, etc., these accidents have a catastrophic effect on your life. They can result in minor to significant damage. That may cause devastating effects on your life and adversely damage your body, affecting your earning ability and leading to no-earning days.   

And as not everyone is wealthy enough to bear the damage or substantial medical bills. We believe they should be compensated with a well-deserved motorcycle accident claim. But to gain a claim, first, hiring a trained and certified St. Petersburg scooter accident lawyer is necessary.   

Statistics of St. Petersburg Scooter Accidents  

Scooters offer you an efficient, time-saving, and simple mode of transportation through the busy roads of St. Petersburg. But according to the National Highway Safety Association, they do not consider scooters as motor vehicles. However, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned few statistics in their report.   

  • The busiest city in Florida, it faces the highest fatalities per capita. The database shows that almost 14.5% of injuries occur due to St. Petersburg scooter accidents in every 100,000 trips.  
  • Scooter accident injuries often involve catastrophic damages that include dislocations, traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, spinal cord injuries, lacerations, and broken bones.   
  • As head injury is among the most severe injuries that can cause lifetime damage, highlighting the importance of a helmet is necessary. Using a helmet can reduce head injuries by 50-60% and prevent brain injuries by up to 58%.  
  • Over 30% of victims require emergency departments; out of them, few are experienced riders, and the rest are in-experience.   
  • Over 20% of scooter injuries occur due to scooter collisions, and others involve collusion with two-wheelers.   
  • As per the report, the average age of people who experience St. Petersburg scooter accident injuries is between 27-29 years.   

Leading Causes of Scooter Accidents  

Although riding a scooter is a fun and convenient activity, it requires less fuel and helps you skip traffic. But it’s also a risky mode of transportation that can cause serious, devastating fatal injuries. However, below we have shared what to avoid and a few primary reasons that cause scooter accident injuries.   

Risky Left Turns   

Scooters heading straight are hit mainly by vehicles that take sudden left turns. And in these types of accidents, drivers mostly claim that the driver was not visible to them or didn’t see them on the road. And if it’s nighttime, a small headlight makes it appear that the “scooter is far away”. But, of course, that assumes they have enough time to complete a left turn. Which also becomes the primary reason for deadly collisions.   

Scooter Malfunction   

A malfunctioned scooter can cause accidents that injure the driver and others driving on the road. Unfortunately, few companies are not explicit about their results or regulations while manufacturing their devices. So, faulty brakes, flat tires, or damaged handlebars can cause various dangerous accidents, including an electric short circuit that can set your scooter on fire.   

Splitting Lanes   

St. Petersburg Scooter riders sometimes split the lane with other riders without realizing how it can be dangerous for them or other riders. Although lane splitting is joint in intersections or on roads with congested traffic, riding zig-zag in between heavy traffic lanes can cause severe or catastrophic injuries to the rider.   

Blind Spots   

And another primary reason that can cause serious injuries is blind spots of other drivers. St. Petersburg scooter riders should always be cautious of other riders on the road and maintain a significant distance from other drivers. Mainly this situation arrives when you are sharing the road with semi-trucks, which have blind spots that can stretch from 20-30 feet alongside the vehicle.  

Common Injuries Caused by Scooter Accidents  

While experiencing a scooter accident in St. Petersburg, the victim can experience various injuries that may result in severe health conditions and may cause temporary or even permanent damage to the victim. However, below we have enlisted a few significant injuries that can occur during the accident.   

  • Strains and sprains  
  • Cuts, scrapes, and road rash  
  • Head and neck trauma   
  • Fractures of skull  
  • Soft tissue injuries   
  • Concussion   
  • Dental injuries   
  • Intracranial hemorrhage   
  • Fractures in various bones   
  • Internal injuries    
  • Contusions or bruising  

Government Laws and Regulations   

According to St. Petersburg laws, all scooter riders should wear a helmet and obey traffic rules & regulations for their safety. And avoid a few practices to maintain road safety and prevent accidents. Below are a few laws, regulations, and guidelines to avoid certain situations.   

What to Avoid    

  • Scooter riders cannot drive on sidewalks.  
  • Avoid weaving through bicycles, pedestrians, and motor vehicles, as it can put you or others in danger.   
  • Avoid riding while drunk, frustrated, or angry, as riders cannot navigate other riders in such situations, so that it can cause massive collisions or even road rage.   
  • Avoid distracting other drivers while sharing a familiar road. In such situations, other motorists fail to notice other scooters, lose their balance, and cause serious collisions.   

Rules and Regulations    

  • Riders should be at least 16+ to ride a motor or electric scooter in St. Petersburg.  
  • Only a valid motorcycle license will be allowed to ride.  
  • However, it’s not necessary to carry a copy of the insurance.   
  • It is mandatory to obey all the traffic rules while riding a scooter in St. Petersburg.  
  • Following traffic lights and maintaining an adequate difference between you and other riders are also mandatory.   
  • Carrying another passenger in a motor scooter while driving on the roads of St. Petersburg is prohibited.  
  • If you are driving under the speed of 30 mph and you are 16+, it’s not a legal obligation to wear a helmet.   
  • Riders cannot ride on bicycle paths, state highways, sidewalks, or interstates.   
  • Riding a scooter next to a passenger motor vehicle or between the motor lanes is prohibited.  
  • The rider is directed to drive on the right side of the road unless they have to take a left turn.   
  • In case your brake lights are not working, use hand gestures while making a turn or if you wish to stop another rider. 


The Coleman Law Group has experienced and well-trained attorneys and lawyers who can help you file a rightful claim against the accident and involved convict. We have helped many accident victims and tried our best to achieve the highest value of compensation for your injury. Our team is now available 24/7, so you can reach out to our St. Petersburg scooter accident attorneys and get a free evaluation of your accident case.   

If you have recently experienced a scooter accident in St. Petersburg, don’t worry! Stand against the convict and take strict action against them.   

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