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Florida Windshield Replacement Law

Anyone who owns a car should understand the importance of their windshields and should take special care of it. Of course, no one wants to get to their car only to discover that the windshield is cracked or damaged. However, you will agree that we can only partially control whether this will happen, especially as it is mostly the fault of other parties. Damaged windshields can be dangerous, and their repair is often expensive. Thankfully, the Florida windshield replacement law can significantly help in such situations.

The truth is that many things can cause your windshield to chip, crack or break. For instance, debris might fly into your windshield from a truck you are following and break it, or you could get into a car accident and destroy it. Tree branches, hail, and other natural causes can also lead to damage to your windshield. When this happens, repairing or replacing the windshield can cost you quite a fortune.

However, the good news is that you can get free repairs or windshield replacements in such cases. But then, it would be best to learn about Florida windshield replacement laws to maximize this opportunity. Thankfully, this article will discuss these Florida laws and all you should know about them. Read on to discover more.

The Florida Windshield Replacement Law

According to Florida laws, insurance deductibles should not apply to car glasses. Instead, car insurance policies are required to offer a comprehensive package or combined extra coverage that provides free windshield replacement and repair.

The interesting part about this is that drivers and car owners are often unaware of this Florida law that offers free windshield replacement.

You may unknowingly pay for your windshield replacement when it is supposed to be free. So, check with your insurance company before paying for a windshield replacement or repair. Who knows? Your insurance company might bear the entire cost of the repairs. Moreover, most windshield repair shops are aware of this Florida law. So, they might also guide you.

Most importantly, you should always consult a Tampa car accident lawyer in such cases before taking action. These attorneys know a lot about Florida laws, especially when it comes to Florida windshield replacement law, and they will guide you on the adequate steps to take.

Are Windshields Free in Florida?

As mentioned, your windshield replacement or repair can be free in Florida. However, this depends on your type of car insurance coverage. Florida Statute §627.7288 states that your windshield is covered if you have combined additional or comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Of course, it would be to everyone’s advantage if all motor vehicles had safe windshields. Otherwise, more accidents could happen on our roads when drivers drive with unsafe windshields. Florida laws require insurance companies to pay for repairs or replacement of damaged windshields to reduce such accidents.

So, yes. Windshield replacements can be free for you in Florida, but this depends on your insurance coverage.

Who is responsible for an Accident Caused by Poor Maintenance?

Indeed, it is essential to note that the accident can sometimes result from poor maintenance or negligence, which could be either from the driver or the manufacturer. Therefore, and in line with Florida windshield replacement laws, liability in such cases is determined by who the negligent party is.

Assuming the accident happened because the driver failed to replace a worn-out tire or other faulty car parts. In that case, they will be held liable for damages from the accident.

On the other hand, if the accident is because of a defective part that the manufacturer didn’t properly fix. In that case, the manufacturer will bear full or shared liabilities for the resulting damages.

Experts advise that you contact an auto accident attorney to help you conduct thorough investigations into the accident. In addition, according to Florida windshield replacement laws, car accident lawyers can help you maximize your windshield replacement claim.

How Long does it Take to Repair a Windshield?

Well, the good news is that windshield repairs often do not take too much time. Usually, experts should do the repairs in under one hour, and you should be back on the road. Some repair shops even brag that they can do it within 15 – 30 minutes.

On the other hand, windshield replacements might take longer, even though it is still a relatively quick process. For example, replacing your windshield can take up to 4 hours for it to be dry and road ready.

Filing a Florida Car Accident Claim

Since Florida laws recognize the no-fault car insurance type, you direct your claim should to your PIP insurance company. But then, you can sue the at-fault driver if your injuries are severe. You can also sue the manufacturers if the accident resulted from a defective car part or equipment.

You should also know that, according to Florida laws, PIP insurance often only covers part of your lost wages and medical expenses. However, a personal injury claim can get you compensation for the following:

  • Complete medical care costs
  • Complete personal care and household help costs
  • All income and benefits losses, including affected future earning potentials
  • Permanent disabilities and body impairments
  • Pains from physical injuries, mental trauma, and emotional distress.
  • Decreased life quality and loss of life enjoyment.


How Coleman Law Group Can Help Your Case

As we have already established, hiring qualified and experienced auto accident attorneys can help to make a difference in your case. These attorneys have been specially trained for cases like yours, and they know the relevant Florida laws for windshield replacement or repairs. So they can effectively navigate the case for better results.

You may be looking for experienced lawyers who know about Florida windshield replacement laws. In that case, you should contact Coleman Law Group now. Rest assured that we are conversant with all relevant Florida laws and can help maximize your claim.

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