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You Want to File a Claim? 5 Must-Knows.

If you’ve gotten into an accident, it’s natural to want time to process what has happened before filing any claims with your insurance provider or another driver involved in the incident. However, acting promptly is usually best when dealing with these matters. If you want to file a claim now or eventually, there is a few things you should be aware of.

Taking too long risks reduces the compensation amount that you deserve due to negligence of other drivers or faulty maintenance on behalf of yourself – so make sure you take action soon! Keep reading to know how much time you have to file a claim to receive fair compensation:

1. How Long After An Injury Can I Make A Claim?

Automobile insurance policies often demand that an accident be reported to them “promptly.” However, the time for making a claim may vary according to the insurance provider.

Despite the rules and regulations of your insurer, contact them within 24 hours, as the insurer might have to take the case to the police further.

In this technically advanced world, insurers often have a mobile app. As a result, everything from the documentation of the accident to the preparation of the file required for the claim can be concluded within the app.

If your insurance company has no app, there’s nothing to worry about. Instead, contact them over a mobile phone and start the process.

Once you have informed your insurer, you’ll have time to file the resulting claims.

2. How Long Do You Have to File A Claim Or Lawsuit?

The time you are provided to file a claim post-accident depends upon the method of claim you want to opt for. You will only come across an insurer that will provide the exact timeframe under which a claim should be made. In the case of a claim through an insurance company, immediate action should be taken.

If you take way too much time to make a claim, the company has the full authority to deny it. However, to deny a claim, the insurer must prove that the delay you made somehow caused harm to the company.

If a dispute arises between the victim and the person responsible, i.e., Either the driver at fault refuses to pay the claim, or the other party is not satisfied with the claim the insurance company is offering, a lawsuit might be necessary. You can file a lawsuit within 90 days of the incident; however, even in this case, file the suit the moment you think it is necessary.

3. Do I Make A Claim Through My Insurance Or The Other Driver’s?

If the other person is responsible for the crash, then, in the most uncomplicated situation, you can claim their liability insurance. This is known as a third-party claim: The victim is the third party to the responsible driver and their insurance company.

The insurer of the culprit driver will do further processing. Be patient throughout the process, as it might take much longer than expected. The claim will only be provided if the insurer determines that their customer is at fault.

However, in specific scenarios, the other party might not be liable to pay the claim. Under these circumstances, you must utilize your insurance to deal with the problem.

Following are some situations that might give rise to this scenario:

● No fault state (None of the parties were responsible for the crash).

● If the driver was not insured, you might have to get things settled through your insurance. However, you could still file a lawsuit against the driver at fault.

● Both parties decide to get everything settled without the involvement of the insurance provider.

4. How Long Do You Have To Report An Accident?

Although some states allow up to 30 days to file a claim, you must do it right away without any delay. It is also suggested to call the police at the scene and let them do their investigation. You can also self-report a crash to your police department. The reports submitted by the law enforcement officer will act as a robust tool when you are trying to get the claim settled.

5. Why It’s Important to Start the Insurance Claim Process ASAP?

The incident must be reported right away to the hotline of the insurer, even when the collision seems minor or even if the culprit’s indemnity would cover the damages. Even if the responsible driver is willing to pay personally for the damages to avoid the claim, it is still crucial to make the insurance companies aware of the accident.

Immediate reporting would help the insurer to get the process started immediately and determine the value of the damages and losses caused by the collision. In addition, the early start of the process would help in the early settlement of the claim.


It is crucial to understand that insurance claims differ significantly from personal injury claims. But how long after an accident can you file a claim? You have a window of 30 days to make a claim. But remember, the more the delay would be, the less the claim amount. Therefore, the best thing to do is to file a claim instantly after the accident.

The insurer processes the claim within 10 to 30 days. The time can vary if the accident is controversial and a lot of investigation is required.

If you are facing trouble receiving your claims, you could contact a law firm to back you up.

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