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How to Reach a Fair Settlement in a Motorcycle Accident Case

How do you get a fair settlement for motorcycle accident? Most motorcycle accident claims involve accidents that have resulted in major personal injuries and vehicle damage. Why? As motorcycles are lightweight, they can be easily dragged on the surface and do not provide enough protection to the rider. Therefore, a minor accident can also result in serious injury, i.e., broken bone or femur, and even permanent injury. And not only physical but also a person gets affected financially and emotionally. Therefore, every injury requires immediate medical assistance.  

If you or your family member is amongst those involved in such a crash, don’t panic! Instead, take immediate assistance and call a motorcycle accident lawyer. Depending upon the accident’s severity and injuries, he will analyze the case and lawfully protect the legal right and accident claim.  

These claims include – medical expenses for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation along with appropriate compensation for present and future requirements. But rather than filing your claim yourself, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is always better. They will accurately address your accident and file a compensation claim according to the financial condition and liability. 

Why do motorists get into accidents so frequently?  

Motorcycle accidents are unpredictable, and so as the reasons behind them! Below we have shared a few reasons that have strongly impacted the driver and caused immense damage.   

  • Negligence while driving  

All the traffic rules, regulations, and guidelines are meant for drivers’ safety. But to avoid traffic, most drivers push their speed limits and try tricks to avoid traffic. Unfortunately, in this act, they even overtake other vehicles and increase the risk of major road accidents. And when the driver abruptly changes lanes, they are most likely to hit the other vehicles, leading to multiple collisions. Therefore, disobeying simple traffic rules can lead to major accidents and affect many on the road.  

  • Poor weather conditions 

Whether it’s huge path holes, poorly lit roads, or poor intersections, rainy weather can cause blunders due to this. Even on a foggy day, riders should pay attention to roads and other traffic running on all sides. Usually, due to weather conditions, roads become slippery, and visibility becomes less. Due to this, riders fail to measure the distance between other riders and overlook the road conditions. And as a result, it causes mass collisions on the road, a lead to motorcycle accidents.  

  • Fault in maintenance  

Being irregular with your motorcycle service and maintenance can majorly cause road accidents. Because sometimes, due to lack of maintenance, brakes fail out of nowhere, tires burst, and other mechanical parts get damaged and abruptly stop working. All these reasons can lead you to a major accident and potentially cause major or permanent injuries to the rider.  

Therefore, you must conduct services at a regular interval and replace the faulty part immediately. As mechanical failures increase the risk of causing deadly accidents, riders must expect their vehicle before driving on the road.  

  • Influence of alcohol  

Intentionally or unintentionally, riders do not follow the traffic rules and drive under the influence of alcohol. But they forget driving after doing drugs and alcohol is a serious offense. In addition, drugs and alcohol can easily cause drowsiness and sleepiness in drivers.

  •  Running red-lights   

Motorcycle riders running a red light increase the risk of major accidents and even wrongful death to themselves or others. And as they run into the traffic coming from the other side, they often get involved in side-impact collisions at high speeds. 

  • Improper turns   

The major reason behind stop lights, turn signals, and lanes are to avoid improper turns and allow the traffic from all sides to drive smoothly, which is why mostly opposite sides are given the single to pass by. Because when drivers ignore the lights, rules, and traffic behavior, it often results in major accidents.  

  • Street racing   

With turbo engines and speed boosters, cars and bikes often reach high speed. This is not only the attraction but also the reason behind street racing. These car races attract thousands of viewers, but when they fail, they fail so badly that it can cause major injuries.  

What should be your immediate response?   

Unfortunately, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t panic! There are few you need to figure out and perform under such circumstances. However, for your convenience, we have shared a guide to help you with your first response.  

  • Call for medical assistance

The foremost important thing is to call the ambulance and provide first aid to the injured person. Whether it’s your mistake or not, after the crash, it’s very crucial to provide medical assistance to the victim. The next important thing is to check whether the person has any physical injuries and get yourself checked for any internal injuries.   

Meanwhile, the layers and legal attorneys will use medical bills to claim compensation for the injuries and start the process.  

  • Wait until the enforcement reaches the location 

Always ensure you wait until the police arrive at the motorcycle accident location. As soon as the police arrive, file your report against the faulty person and claim your due compensation. While filing your case, police may have a basic interrogation. For example – questions regarding the incident, interrogating the eyewitness, and seeking information about the faulty driver.  

You will be surprised to know that – a police report is the best piece of evidence to present in court. Moreover, it’s one of the strongest pieces of evidence to present while filing a due claim against the damage incurred by the insurance companies.  

  • Take a photograph of the motorcycle

Before cleaning up the accident scene from the road, taking photos and videos of the scene is crucial. This evidence will be extremely helpful while proving the severity of the accident. Moreover, it will also help explain how the negligence of faulty drive caused the accident and injuries to you.  

Make sure you take good pictures of your motorcycle and the other vehicle. Also, capture the damage done to other structures on the road.  

  •  Avoid negotiating with a faulty driver

Usually, the insurers from the convicted party pressurize the victim to settle the damage outside the court. They even try their best to influence the victim not to file the claim. So, avoid getting trapped in their words, and never agree to negotiate directly. By filing a case, you will not only receive your due compensation, but you will also help condemn the irresponsible behavior of the convict.  

Instead of negotiating, consult your case with a team of legal attorneys or experts. They will study your case and try their best to attain the maximum compensation claim you deserve legally.  

Know why you should hire a motorcycle accident attorney – fair settlement for motorcycle accident  

Hiring an attorney is beneficial as they have years of experience and are well aware of the ins and outs of every case. While they fight back to protect your rightful claim against the damage caused. They will not only investigate each aspect involved in the case but actively defend you as well. Below we have shared a few advantages of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer or attorney.  

  • Better representation  

A motorcycle accident involves aspects in the case. If you hire a certified lawyer or attorney, they study your case and analyze each aspect closely. They will ensure that the files the claim for physical injuries, financial damage, and emotional trauma one felt. Additionally, sufficient funds to fill the current requirement and soothe the victim’s life after treatment. A legal attorney will create a draft of your details and actively highlight them during the trials.   

  • Detailed investigations   

If you hire a legal attorney or certified lawyer, they will deeply investigate your case and collect every possible detail as evidence. A motorcycle accident attorney will interview the eyewitness, collect the live evidence on the scene and build a lawsuit against the convict. They focus on every detail, which will make your case strong and make it result oriented.  

In a nutshell    

Filling a case against the faulty motorcyclist will not only provide you the due compensation but also condemn the irresponsible behavior of the rider road.

Do not hesitate to file a claim against your injuries and emotional damage! Contact the Coleman Law Group today for a free case evaluation!

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