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Do You Need An Uber Car Accident Lawyer?

Do you need an uber car accident lawyer?

If it’s the first time you have encountered a rideshare accident, you might not know how complicated and challenging the legal process can get. You need to hire a rideshare/Uber accident lawyer to deal with all these things. Worrying about lost wages or medical bills, navigating the company’s insurance coverage, and dealing with the company’s legal team? If you don’t get help to do all these, you’ll be on your own. An Uber car accident attorney can help you understand your accident claim. Since they will handle everything on your behalf, it will give you time to recover from the trauma of the accident. 

Do you need an uber car accident lawyer? Although hiring a car accident lawyer in Tampa is crucial, you must choose a professional specializing in rideshare accidents and not just any car accident attorney. Hiring a lawyer who primarily deals with Uber is vital, as they have extensive knowledge about Uber’s policies. If you choose an expert lawyer, they also have experience solving Uber accident cases. Hiring a qualified, experienced, and skilled expert improve the chances of winning the case or getting reasonable medical or cash assistance after the accident. 

What Makes a Rideshare Accident Different From Other Car Accidents?

A rideshare vehicle involved in an accident experiences different circumstances than common accidents. It’s also considerably different from traditional commercial vehicle accidents. Note that Uber drivers typically use their vehicles to provide services to passengers. Also, Uber drivers are not required to purchase commercial auto insurance or have a commercial driver’s license. But Uber offers commercial insurance coverage to their drivers on duty. 

The insurance will cover the driver when the passenger requests the ride and the driver accepts it or the passenger is in the vehicle. Hence, the circumstances decide who is financially liable for the injuries that occur in the accident. Of course, it is vital to understand the situation when you are the victim. You need to hire an auto accident attorney in Tampa who can map out your case in front of you. 

Do you need an uber car accident lawyer? Attorney Can Help to File an Uber Accident Claim

Although you might receive some compensation by contacting Uber driver’s insurance companies or Uber, it might not be enough to cover your injuries and other loss. Insurance organizations often try to settle with the victims by promising them a lower amount of money to save their own money.

A highly skilled and experienced Uber car accident lawyer can help you file a claim to avail the compensation you are owed. Note that when you file a claim, you need to prove that the accident occurred due to your driver’s negligence. Furthermore, to prove their negligence, the following aspects will be presented:

  • Your injuries are caused by the Uber car accident
  • The diver breached their duty
  • The driver’s negligence has caused your injuries
  • The driver has the responsibility to care for you 

A car Accident Lawyer can Determine the worth of the Claim.

 Many people think that filing a claim means getting coverage for medical bills. However, these people are not familiar with the legal process and don’t understand that car accidents offer more coverage than that. Damages that Uber car accidents can cover are:

Medical Expenses

If you file a proper claim, you will get coverage for all medical costs. This includes medications, physical therapy appointments, medical emergency transportation, and much more. You can even rent wheelchairs or crutches to heal and treat injuries that occurred due to car accidents. Also, people who experience injuries that might take years to heal will get financial assistance to cover medical bills until they get entirely fit. 

Lost Income

Auto accidents can impact your life in several ways. But one of the most common things that happen to victims is that they lose their ability to work for a longer time. You might have to stay in the hospital for a longer time, which prevents you from doing your work. Or, your injuries may be so severe that you can’t perform work functions accurately. In any case, your lawyer will help you receive compensation that amounts to your lost wages. 

Suffering and Pain

This type of damage is intangible and difficult to put a price on. Injuries can lead to a significant amount of physical pain. This pain may prevent you from performing activities and regular house chores. The worst part is that the pain-relieving medication you’re prescribed also has side effects that can significantly impact your life. Dealing with this pain can also result in mental burden, stress, and psychological issues. Your car accident attorney can help you get compensation for the suffering, pain, loss of employment, and lasting injuries that you have experienced or will suffer for a long time. 

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Uber car accident lawyer can help you evaluate what compensation you can receive after going through an accident. So, hire an experienced, qualified, and skilled car accident lawyer who has knowledge of Uber’s policies and has the experience to deal with the claims. 

Our team of experts at Coleman Law Group has the appropriate experience to help people get enough compensation to cover all their injuries and losses with Uber accident claims. 

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