Did You Receive Your Hit and Run Accident Claim?

In recent years, the amount of St. Petersburg hit and run accidents has risen. Even the Department of Motor Vehicles in Russia claims, “In 2015, over 180 people died in Florida due to massive hit and run accidents”. Basically, during road rage or road accidents, victims require immediate medical assistance, and instead of helping, people fear police cases and run away. And as we are noticing a steady increase in these cases each year, it’s necessary to hire a dedicated lawyer in Florida.   

Although all accident cases are considered harmful, it becomes even worse when the responsible driver flees the scene. And without treating the victim or providing their auto insurance or contact details, the convicted driver runs away, and it becomes difficult to catch them afterward.    

However, as per the law of St. Petersburg – the “driver has to stop at the accidental location and fleeing from the scene is a felony in itself”. Moreover, if the victim does not receive imitated treatment, they may also suffer a catastrophic or fatal injury. That can affect the victims earning ability, and the victim may face no-earning days. So, it’s crucial to hire a St. Petersburg hit-and-run accident lawyer and file a well-deserved claim.   

Statistics of St. Petersburg Hit and Run Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – “9% of road St. Petersburg accidents are hit and run cases, which increased to 24% in 2012-2014”. And as they involve a vehicle, pedestrian, and rear-end collisions, it allows enough time for the convict to run away from the crime scene. These cases occur on the Florida expressway, as it has ample road space to run, and the convict gets broadways to take advantage and use higher speed limits. However, below, we have mentioned some statistics related to St. Petersburg hit and run accidents.   

  • Each day and minute, one hit and run case occurs in the US.   
  • As per the stats, over 20% of St. Petersburg accidents in the last ten years are hit and run cases.   
  • 65% of hit and run cases involve cyclists, and only 1% of pedestrians get injured due to car accidents.   
  • As per the study, most hit-and-run cases occur between midnight, and around 4 am, when roads are empty, and it isn’t easy to gather an eyewitness.   
  • Even road St. Petersburg accidents with high foot traffic and areas with lower speed limits witness most hit and run cases.   

Leading Causes of Hit and Run Accidents    

Most hit-and-run accidents don’t necessarily involve knowing how to drive a vehicle. Instead, it depends on the hit-and-run driver’s decisions behind the wheel. Human error causes ninety-four percent of hit and run accidents.   

Here are some of the causes of hit and run accidents to make you aware of while you are on the road:  

Drunk Driver    

The hit-and-run driver fled to escape driving under the influence of alcohol charges. Because they don’t want to obtain a DUI conviction, many hit-and-run drivers may flee the scene of an incident without aiding the persons they hurt. People are more likely to run if they have been convicted of driving under the influence in the past.    

 An inebriated convict may delay turning themself in until they believe the alcohol or drugs have passed through their system. This outcome is more likely when the hit-and-run driver is likely to be apprehended due to witnesses, surveillance footage, or tangible evidence left at the scene. 

Uninsured Driver    

Most convicts are likely to leave the scene of an accident as they do not carry state-mandated automobile insurance. In addition, such convicts do not want to face criminal charges or fines for violating the law.    

Drive With Other Legal Problems    

A convict leaves the accident scene as they might fear facing the consequences from law enforcement. For instance, a convict who is not a United States citizen or on parole might prefer to run from the accident scene and save themself from the previous law violation.     

Driver With Previous Tickets or Outstanding Warrants    

If a driver has outstanding warrants, they may flee the scene of the accident because law authorities would almost certainly arrest them if they ran their driver’s license information. A person with a history of moving offenses may hit and run to avoid receiving extra points on the license, resulting in skyrocketing insurance premiums and revoking a driver’s license.    

Panicked Driver    

Sometimes the driver panics and makes the wrong decision to run away from the accident scene. For example, the driver may have a clear criminal record but ran from the accident out of fear. Psychiatrists also say that often humans have a fight or flight reflex. When people are in the middle of a crisis, the first thought that comes to their mind is to run. Such drivers might turn themselves in after the accident hits the news. 

Common Injuries Caused by St. Petersburg Scooter Accidents    

Although it depends upon the circumstances and impact of the collision, hit and run cases can result in catastrophe or fatal injuries. Here we have enlisted a few significant injuries that can take place quickly.   

  • Hit and run crashes can result in significant brain injuries and may damage brain cells or may result in piercing the head of the victim.   
  • If the victim has experienced high torque or impact with a car accident, it can damage the victim’s spinal cord and paralyze the body part.   
  • A heavy impact in a car accident can also cause long-lasting spine or back injuries.   
  • After the hit & run case, if the vehicle catches fire, it can cause skin burn due to chemicals, hot fluids, or steam.   
  • A hit and run case can also cause – fractures to arms, ribs, and wrists and may result in broken legs.   
  • A victim can also experience facial disfigurement or permanent scars in a car crash.   
  • It can also cause the victim to lose his arms, legs, toes, and fingers.   
  • If the crash is massive, the broken objects of the car, torn metal sheets, and broken headlights can also bruise the victims’ bodies.   
  • However, apart from the physical injuries, the victim can experience mental or emotional trauma. And it can also cause post-traumatic stress disorder, which is common in hit-and-run cases. Where the victim fears while driving again on the road.   

St. Petersburg Criminal Charges Against Hit and Run Accidents    

St. Petersburg Statutes sections 775.082, 775.083, 775.084, and 318.14 list the punishments and penalties a convict can face if involved in a hit and run accident. However, fines can vary depending on the situation. For instance, if the convict has a previous criminal conviction, the penalty will depend on it. In the following conditions happen, the convict is punishable by the possible fines and criminal charges:    

  • Suppose the convict does not exchange information regarding the accident with anyone, including police officers. The accident did not cause property damage; the offense is punishable as a non-moving or noncriminal traffic violation.   
  • If the convict leaves the accident scene that involves property damage, the offense is punishable as a misdemeanor of the second degree. This offense can also result in a jail sentence of about 60 days or a fine of $500.    
  • If the alleged offender voluntarily flees the scene of a bodily injury accident, it is a felony of the third degree. This offense level can result in a five-year jail sentence and a $5,000 fine.    
  • If the alleged criminal knowingly flees the scene of a fatal accident, the crime is considered a felony in the first degree. A fine of $10,000 and a jail sentence of up to 30 years is imposed for hit and run cases.  


If you have recently experienced a hit and run case in St. Petersburg, our Coleman Law Group has experienced lawyers and attorneys. You can reach out to our attorneys anytime. 

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