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The Dangers Of Red Light Running

Dangers of Red Light Running. Your safety on the road depends on how well you obey traffic laws and regulations. However, it is common to see drivers ignore many of these regulations while driving. One of the most common traffic offenses is running red lights, and the effects can often be devastating. Not only do you put yourself at risk by running red lights, but you also compromise the safety of other drivers on the road.

The danger of running a red light is clear to everyone. Indeed, traffic lights are strategically placed to promote safe driving, and disobeying these lights can easily cause an accident. According to statistics from the AAA foundation, accidents caused by running red lights are often the most fatal. This means that they mainly result in death or severe injuries. But then, these are not the only dangers of running a red light. Read on to discover other consequences of running red lights and how to avoid them.

Why People Red Light Run?

Running red lights has become very common in traffic today, with over 50% of drivers admitting to being guilty of this offense. Now, you can’t help but wonder why this is the case, especially since the lights are meant to promote safe driving. Well, for many, it has to do with urgency and impatience. But, unfortunately, the latter is more likely the case since the few minutes saved from running a red light often still end up being inconsequential.

Speeding can also be a reason for running red lights. If you are driving at high speed, you may miss the brakes in time before getting to the intersection. So, many drivers usually drive on, not regarding the red light or what it predicts. The bottom line is that most people who run red lights are impatient and need better risk calculation skills.

The Consequences of Red Light Running

The most severe danger of running red lights is the possibility of causing an accident. However, there are less severe consequences you may attract for running a red light, and these include:

● You May Receive a Citation: If caught breaking traffic laws by running red lights, you will likely be pulled over and given a citation. A citation or traffic ticket, as it is also called, is a notice issued by the police. It is often issued by the police to traffic offenders, requiring them to pay a fine.

 You Risk Jail Time: Another possible consequence of running red lights is that you can be arrested. A traffic offense like running a red light can get you prosecuted and arrested. It is the likely outcome when you run a red light and ignore the corresponding citation.

In both cases, a car accident lawyer in Land O’ Lakes can help you understand the situation better and suggest the best action to take.

What Happens If You Are Involved in this Accident?

It is bad enough that you are violating the traffic code by running a red light. So, you already know you are in for a steeper penalty when you end up causing an accident as a result. If you find yourself in such a situation, you already know you will be paying a significant fine at the very least. Depending on the nature of the accident caused and the resulting fatalities, you may be faced with an even worse punishment.

For instance, if you run a red light and damage properties, you will have to pay for the damages and an extra fine for your traffic offense. But you will most likely face criminal charges if someone gets injured or worse in an accident. Additionally, if you are found guilty, you may face lengthy jail time, depending on the degree of casualty. So again, contacting a personal injury lawyer will benefit you at this point.

The Measures States Take to Reduce Red Light Accidents

The frequency with which drivers run red lights is becoming alarming, and the resulting accident is not getting any less fatal. Therefore, different states are implementing different policies to help reduce red light running. Here are some of the measures being introduced for this purpose.

● Firstly, cameras are installed at conjunctions to catch traffic offenders running red lights. Of course, if you know there’s no escape from punishment for your crime, you will become less likely to go ahead with this crime. States hope to use this to their advantage, hence, the cameras.
● Secondly, yellow light intervals are increasing so drivers can have enough time to hit the brakes. This welcomed development will likely reduce red light running caused by over speeding.
● Thirdly, the fines and penalties for running red lights are gradually improving. If the price is too high, drivers may be forced to have second thoughts before zooming past a red light.

Avoiding Red Lights Accidents

Since the accidents resulting from running red lights are always more fatal, avoiding them will go a long way to make the roads safer. There are no two ways; the best way to avoid red light accidents is by not running red lights. Also, traveling at the right speed will help reduce red light running and the resulting accidents.

Coleman Law Group can Help You

We have already established that the dangers and consequences of running red lights can be severe. Sometimes, it may get you into legal trouble with law enforcement, and other times. In addition, it can lead to bad accidents. In both cases, though, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your back will help you immensely.

Of course, these lawyers are specially trained for such cases, and they know how to navigate your case for better results. For example, lawyers can help you win or defend an accident claim and represent you when you get into legal trouble for running red lights.

Thankfully, we have all the expertise and experience to help win your case at Coleman Law Group. You should contact us now, and let’s help win your case!

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