Why Contact a Truck Accident Attorney After an Accident

No one ever plans to be in an accident, let alone one as dangerous as a truck accident. Unfortunately, these accidents can occur, and it usually comes down to how prepared you are to handle the effects and damages it causes. Moreover, it is general knowledge that truck accidents can cause way more damage than regular car crashes. However, knowing what to do in such situations can go a long way to reduce the effect of such accidents and make recovery much more manageable. That said, the best thing to do after a truck crash is to contact a truck accident attorney immediately.

Truck accident attorneys are lawyers or legal practitioners who specialize in truck accidents. They help truck accident victims pursue and oversee any potential lawsuits to ensure they get justice and compensation. Now, the importance of securing the services of a truck accident lawyer after such accidents can not be overstated. But more importantly, contacting your lawyer at the right time can go a long way to sway the corresponding court case in your favor. This article will explain the perfect time to contact a truck accident attorney and why you need to contact them immediately after your crash.

When To Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Ideally, you should always have an accident lawyer at hand, and it’s also a great call to have a truck accident attorney on your speed dial too. This is because you don’t want to start scrambling for one after getting in a crash involving a truck. But whatever the case may be, you want to make absolutely sure to contact your truck accident lawyer as soon as you can after a truck collision accident.

Why You Should Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Immediately After a Truck Collision

It’s often easy to neglect the role of a truck accident attorney, especially if you don’t intend to press any charges. But even at that, you want to contact one to be on the safe side of the law, at least. So regardless of whether you want to sue or not, contacting a lawyer immediately after your truck accident is advised. Here are some significant reasons why.

  • Professional Legal Advice

The importance of getting professional legal advice after a car accident is not to be overlooked, and the same can be said for truck accidents. In fact, it’s more important for accidents involving larger vehicles because such cases can be the most complicated. Asking your lawyer for advice immediately after your accident is certainly a good way to get ahead of the case. It also keeps you from making the wrong call or taking legal action that will come back to hurt you.

Moreover, in case of heavy damage, which is very likely, your truck accident attorney is well-equipped to advise you on whether to pursue compensation or not. They’ll have to examine the whole incident to determine if the truck is cooperative with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. If they find that you are eligible for compensation, then they’ll guide you on the best way to about it.

  • Evidence Collection

If, indeed, you want to sue for compensation, then you have to first identify who is at fault. Now, this is another reason to get your lawyer on the accident scene immediately. You see, an accident scene can tell a lot about an accident, and how it occurred. But even if it doesn’t, it is possible to recreate the accident scene to get as much evidence from it, and your accident lawyer can help you oversee this. But then, all these are only possible when the accident scene is still fresh.

Here’s the deal- accident scenes eventually get contaminated. And the more they do, the less evidence your truck accident lawyer can extract from the scene. Moreover, it is quite likely that the truck company will check out the scene too to rid it of any footprint that might implicate them. If this happens, your chances of getting a fair court case or compensation may diminish significantly. Therefore, you want to get an expert on the case as soon as you can to collect useful evidence.

  • Damage Inspection

Another reason to hit up your lawyer immediately after your truck accident is to inspect the damages incurred. This is necessary to determine the cost of the damages done to you and ultimately decide how much compensation you’ll sue for. Note that the damages do not only refer to properties destroyed in the crash. You can also sue for any pain suffered and the resulting trauma from the unfortunate incidents. Other expenses like medical bills and vehicle repairs are also expected to be added to the damage evaluation. Now this is also a big task on its own, and you want a professional to handle it. You can count on a good truck accident attorney and their team to carry out this evaluation task perfectly.

  • Truck Maintenance Record Collection

Determining who is at fault in an auto accident is important because it helps to decide who to sue for any compensation. However, this can be a tad more complicated with truck accidents since a number of factors come into play.  But most times, it is usually the truck driver or the company that is to blame. If the truck is not well maintained or in perfect working condition, then the truck company is definitely at fault. Again, your lawyer can get a hold of the truck’s original maintenance records if they can get on the scene early enough. Also, they can collect helpful witness testimonies to help you build a good case. 

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Have you been involved in an accident and are looking for a competent truck accident attorney to help you? Well, the Coleman Law Group is your ideal choice for such situations. Not only do we have bags of experience handling such cass, but we are also well-equipped to help you build sticky lawsuits against even the largest truck companies. Moreover, with us on your side, you can always rest assured of getting the best compensation for your truck accident.

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