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What are the Top Causes of Trucking Accidents in Tampa

What are some causes of trucking accidents in Tampa? Perhaps, you are familiar with happenings in Florida, and its surroundings, especially the Tampa Bay area. In that case, you will agree that its roads are often crowded and very busy, with various trucking types finding their way within the area. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why we often hear about Tampa trucking accidents, even more than we hear of such accidents from most other areas in the country. 

Plus, most people often refer to the Tampa area as trucking heaven, owing to the high concentration of trucks driving through the city daily. According to a recent Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle report, Tampa has one of the highest truck concentrations in America today. Sadly, this also means your chances of getting in a Tampa trucking accident when in the area will increase. What are the causes of trucking accidents in Tampa?

But then, the good news is that learning about the most likely causes of these accidents can help you to be more cautious and avoid getting into them. You are lucky to read this article now because we will discuss some of the top causes of Tampa trucking accidents here. We will also highlight a few tips to help you avoid getting into such accidents. 

So, please ensure to stick around till the end for the fascinating and educative information we will reveal. 

What Should You Know About Truck Accidents? 

At this point, it is best to start with a definition of what Tampa trucking accidents entail. This is so we can establish a clear background for further information to be shared in this piece. So, what is a trucking accident? 

Well, a trucking accident can be said to have occurred when a truck is involved in a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, or anything else on the road. This situation can be pretty deadly and lead to severe injuries and damages. However, the other party in the accident often suffers even more damage than the trucker. 

This is because trucks are built to be bigger and studier than most passenger vehicles. So, the impact of a truck accident is more likely to be felt by these other vehicles or things. This is why experts often advise you to have a truck accident lawyer on your speed dial if you get into such accidents. 

Indeed, these personal injury lawyers can help you win a fair settlement for your Tampa trucking accident losses. 

What are the Causes of Trucking Accidents in Tampa? 

Having understood what truck accidents mean, let’s now consider some of the most common causes of Tampa trucking accidents. They include the following: 

Driving above Speed Limits 

Speed limits entail the maximum speed a driver is allowed to drive on particular roads. The authorities often decide these limits according to vehicle types and road driving conditions. Plus, limits are often set to protect road users and reduce their chances of getting into nasty accidents. 

Unfortunately, some drivers are fond of disregarding these limits and driving at a high and dangerous speed. When this is the case, accidents are very likely to happen. It is even worse for truckers as these big rigs are more challenging to control than smaller vehicles. 

Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving entails a situation where a driver’s attention is taken off the road to focus on other things. It could be their smartphones, the vehicle’s radio, other road users, or anything else. Whatever they are focusing on, this situation can be hazardous and is one of the leading causes of Tampa trucking accidents today. 

All drivers, especially truckers, are often advised to always focus on the road while driving. This is so that they can be fully aware of happenings around them at all times. It will also help them take quick actions like hitting the brakes or serving to avoid collision with other vehicles when needed. 

Once you are not entirely focused on the road while driving (especially as a trucker on the busy Tampa roads), you will likely get into dangerous accidents. 

Equipment Failure 

Another leading cause of Tampa trucking accidents is equipment failure. This entails when an essential part or equipment in a truck fails while on the road, leading to accidents in most cases. Some of these pieces of equipment that might fail and cause trucking accidents to include the following: 

  • Brake failure. Brake failures can be hazardous and cause much damage on Tampa highways. It entails a situation where the truck’s brakes fail to respond effectively when you need them. This means that getting your truck to stop might become nearly impossible, likely leading to an accident. 
  • Tire failures. Trucking tires are not made to last forever. Instead, they get worn out after you use them for a while. This is why most manufacturers include expiry dates on these tires. Once the tire gets worn out, it is likely to fail on the road and probably lead to an accident. So, you should check your tires frequently to confirm that they are in good condition. 
  • Steering failure. A steering failure is another factor that can increase your chances of getting into a Tampa trucking accident. This can happen because parts of the steering have worn out, there is a shortage of power steering fluid, etc. However, you can prevent such failures by frequently checking and adequately maintaining your steering. 
  • Suspension failure. Of course, you know that trucks often carry heavy loads, and one of the things that help them to carry out this task is the suspension. However, the effects can be disastrous when there’s a failure in this equipment. This is why you should always inspect and maintain your truck’s suspension for effective and safe use. 

Driving Under the Influence 

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that could impair your judgment is very dangerous and might lead to accidents. This is why most authorities worldwide have prohibited the act and set stiff punishments for people who do it. 

You should know that alcohol and other complex substances can affect your cognitive abilities and reduce your awareness on the road. They can also stop you from exercising complete control of your truck. In most cases, this can result in Tampa trucking accidents. 

Unfamiliarity with Routes 

Driving on unfamiliar routes can be pretty risky, especially for truckers. This is because they often do not know about road conditions and other risk factors. Of course, you know it is more complex and takes more time to control trucks and other big rigs. This means that maneuvering unexpected risky conditions on the road is almost impossible for truckers. And getting into such situations might result in accidents. 

Moreover, truckers unfamiliar with a route are more likely to make driving mistakes that might endanger them and other road users. This is why experts suggest you first get familiar with a route before driving your truck through them. 

Poor Weather and Road Conditions 

The truth is that not all roads are built to be sturdy as they should be, and many other roads are not adequately maintained. When this is the case, such roads get worn out quickly, and their conditions become terrible. Sadly, they will also become death traps for motorists and truckers who are not careful enough. 

Of course, truckers receive special training on how to navigate bad road conditions like potholes, road shoulders, or banked curves. But then, some truckers do not take the lessons from the training as seriously as they deserve. This could lead to severe accidents. 

Another common cause of Tampa trucking accidents is terrible weather conditions. Such conditions include rain, snow, dust, and other conditions that can reduce a trucker’s vehicle control. This is why experts advise you to check for weather updates and understand how they can affect your tip before hitting the road. 


It is no longer news that accident scenes are usually pretty ugly, and the victims often suffer considerable damage. But it is even worse for trucking accidents, considering that this vehicle is bigger and heavier than other road passenger vehicles. 

Perhaps you have ever been involved in a Tampa trucking accident. In that case, you will agree that the situation can be devastating and confusing. Unfortunately, this is such that victims often get confused about the right thing to do in such situations. 

This is why you need a truck accident lawyer in Tampa to help you find clarity in such situations.  

So, do you want to find the right personal injury lawyer for your case? Then you should contact us at Coleman Law Group today.

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