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If A Car Swerves In Your Lane- Here’s 3 Beneficial Steps To Take Immediately


Driving can sometimes be complicated, especially since you have to be focused on many factors. Navigating the road in your vehicle is pretty straightforward if you are driving on a clear route. But then, the situation may be different when driving on a busier road. You have to be alert so you don’t make any mistakes and so you can quickly spot and avoid falling victim to other people’s mistakes that might lead to car accidents. 

Well, it often takes a good level of awareness and ability to avoid getting into an accident caused by another driver. This is true because, most times, you have to make split-second decisions and get them right. For example, if another car wrongfully swerves into your lane, there’s only little you can do to avoid crashing into it. But luckily, this article will highlight the best measures to take in such situations. So read on to discover the best legal actions to take if you get into an accident.


What to do When a Car Swerves Into my Lane?

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It is always dangerous when drivers swerve in the wrong lane, often leading to terrible accidents. The type of accident that occurs, as a result, is known as a head-on collision, and it is one of the worst types. Apart from the fact that you witness it happen, it is also very fatal. According to Forbes statistics, head-on collisions are not the most occurring, but they often have higher mortality rates. So, avoiding this accident can help ensure your safety on the road to a large degree.

First, driving with the awareness that other road users’ mistakes can affect your safety is essential to help you prevent accidents. But sometimes, you can do only a little or nothing to avoid colliding with a car that swerved into your lane. However, you can minimize the impact or even prevent a crash altogether by following these relatively simple steps.


3 Steps to Follow: 

  • The first step is slowing down your car immediately. This is a no-brainer, and it is often an automatic step. However, you must be vigilant to spot the straying driver on time.
  • Secondly, you can call the attention of the straying driver by flashing your lights or honking in their direction.
  • If the straying driver is still headed towards you in your lane, you may have to move out of the way by going further right. Drivers, who make the mistake of drifting left to avoid the collision, often run into another oncoming vehicle. Moving further right might see you collide against the shoulder of the road or into a ditch. But then, it is much safer than running into another vehicle approaching at high speed.
  • Finally, it would help if you were prepared before the incident and tried to stay calm as much as possible. This means your decision-making must be quick, so you don’t have to wait until the last second before moving.

Who is Liable for Car Accident Injuries?

In most accident cases, at least one driver is to be blamed for the incident, and head-on collisions are no different. Although the driver to blame for such accidents can differ, depending on the situation, it is often the fault of the straying driver. This means that if a driver leaves their lane wrongly and collides with another driver, such a driver is responsible for the accident. Also, the at-fault driver will be liable for both parties’ medical fees.

However, the driver In the right lane can also share the blame if they were over-speeding, drunk, or distracted. If both drivers are found guilty, they will be liable for any injuries or damages caused. Plus, in other cases, the road constructor can be held responsible, especially if there are insufficient or misleading signs along the road.


What Happens if You Cause an Accident While Avoiding Another?

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It is possible to get into another accident while trying to avoid a driver that swerved into your lane. It is a recurring accident, and you will likely be at fault. But if you happen to crash into another driver while trying to avoid another accident, then you are not really at fault. 

However, you must prove that you are not to blame by providing concrete evidence of the event. Most times, eyewitnesses and roadside cameras are your best options for the defense. The swerving driver will be responsible for the damages and injuries if you can prove your innocence. And a good car accident lawyer can help you here. 

Steps to Take Immediately After Being in a Car Accident

Of course, nobody ever plans to be involved in an accident. However, it is only right to be prepared for such incidents so you don’t incur unexpected expenses. Therefore, the first step after an accident should be to check for injuries and report to emergency centers if you find any. 

Next, you are to compile evidence of the incident, which is especially important if you are not at fault in the accident. If you prove you are not responsible for the accident, the at-fault driver and their insurer must take care of your medical bills and other related expenses. Before filing a suit, you should also contact a personal injury lawyer at the accident scene. 

Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Proving that you are not at fault in an accident can be pretty challenging, especially since you will likely be going against a team of professionals from the insurance company. However, you will be liable for compensation if you show that you are not at fault. 

You might need a good car accident lawyer to help you with this lawsuit, and Coleman Law Group is your best bet. Our lawyers are well-trained and experienced enough to help you get the best out of any accident lawsuit. 

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