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Humans use cars as a means of commuting and transporting themselves, and a few of their properties fit from one place to the other. For example, a car is the most suitable option for commuting when a person wants to go to school, to the mall, or the gym. Whether through a personal car or by ordering a ridesharing service like Uber, cars are the most popular mode of transportation for people. On the other hand, trucks transport things like heavy-duty equipment, building materials, sand for construction, etc. Although both cars and trucks are useful for transportation, they are also different. This article will tell you about car and truck accident difference. Moreover, although their use may be close- they are quite different in terms of the laws regulating them. 

Car and Truck Accident Difference:

The severity 

Truck accidents and car accidents can both be dreadful, even fatal. Truck accidents can lead to very serious and life-long injuries or even death. The impact of a truck accident on a person or property can be more severe than the impact of a car. The size of a truck, it’s engineering, and its assemblage accounts for such a powerful impact. A truck is bigger, heavier, and more sophisticated than a car. A truck can also be more difficult to drive or maneuver than a car. It takes a person who is skillful to drive a truck.

A person can be lucky enough to escape without a scratch in a car accident. Serious injuries can also come from a car accident; however, in a truck accident, the impact may be a life-long disease and even death.

The Causes

Usually, truck accidents are caused by mechanical problems instead of driver hazards. These mechanical hazards can occur while attempting to bring the car to a stop and when trying to maneuver effectively. Another cause of truck accidents is an overload of cargo. The goods can become unbalanced, shift, or roll over when there is an overload. As a result, when a truck accident happens, several parties may be involved aside from the victim and the truck driver. 

The Parties

In a car accident, it is usually the driver and the victim that are the parties. However, the victim can be another driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian. In a truck accident, it is possible to have multiple parties. Usually, the truck driver is not the owner of the truck. Usually, truck drivers are either on an independent contract with or work for the truck owner or a company. Typically, when a lawsuit arises from a truck accident, the truck driver, the truck company, the truck manufacturer or manufacturing company, and the victim are possible parties in the truck accident. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents 

Some common causes of truck accidents are;


Driver fatigue is the most notorious cause of truck accidents. Usually, truck driving requires transporting goods interstate. Most drivers travel at night to avoid meeting too many cars and people on the highway. Tiredness, not sleeping enough, and overworking are possible causes of driver fatigue. When a truck driver drives while tired, they may fall asleep while driving. Even a few seconds of sleep can cause an accident.

Loss of Control

Because of how heavy a truck is, maneuvering it takes great skill. A driver can lose control of this heavy vehicle if not correctly driven. Loss of control is a huge cause of truck accidents anywhere in the world, the United States inclusive.

Break failure 

Except when the vehicle has previously shown signs of brake failure to the driver, and the driver did nothing to remedy it, brake failures are usually not the driver’s fault. Brake failure is beyond what the truck driver can control, and any loss arising from a brake failure can be attributed to the manufacturer’s negligence. 

Narrow or Difficult Road Network

Narrow roads are a disadvantage to truck drivers. A bad road or improperly maintained road system only makes it more difficult. While constructing roads, the state, municipality, or any agency of government responsible for road construction and maintenance must consider heavy-duty vehicles like trucks when constructing road networks. In addition, a poorly maintained road is a common cause of truck accidents. For example, in an attempt to climb a hilly area, a truck may roll backward, hit a stump, and roll over, which may cause a dangerous accident.


Trucks usually transport goods. Therefore, they weigh significantly more and have more space than regular vehicles. Because of this advantage, the temptation is for truck owners and drivers to overload the truck with more than it can bear. Overloading will cause a truck to lose its balance, and the loaded goods tend to shift or fall off. All of these can cause a dangerous accident.

Driving Under Influence 

Truck drivers are not allowed to drink while on duty. They are also prohibited from drinking alcohol within four hours of driving a commercial company vehicle. In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that the blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold is .04% for commercially licensed drivers.

Bad Weather

Heavy snow, rainfall, and other severe weather conditions can blur the driver’s vision, leading to a collision. As a result, bad weather contributes to truck accident crashes. 

Other causes of truck accidents are; Aggressive driving, poor truck maintenance culture, speeding, and inexperienced driving. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Some common causes of truck accidents are

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is caused by a loss of concentration when driving. Common examples of driver distraction are texting or calling while driving, eating and drinking, alcohol, loud and unnecessary discussions, arguments, distraction caused by a passenger, and other forms of driver distractions.


DUI is driving under the influence. Influence can be an influence of alcohol or a controlled substance like a hard drug. When your driver drives under the influence, they put you, other road users, and themself in great danger. 

Bad vehicle condition

Some vehicles are not roadworthy and should not be driven. Accidents caused by brake failure, overheating engines, and bad tires can lead to serious injuries. 


Florida has laws that provide for minimum and maximum speed limits in residential areas, commercial areas, and just anywhere. When a driver moves faster than the maximum speed limit stipulated by law, they put himself, the passenger, and other road users at risk. You should know the authorized speed limit and have every right to tell a driver to slow down his speed to avoid a catastrophe. You deserve compensation when you suffer an accident due to the driver’s speed. 


When a driver drives too closely behind another car, this is tailgating. The car in front can stop abruptly for any reason, leaving the tailgating car crashing into it. Whiplash injuries are the most frequent consequences of tailgating. 

Disobeying traffic signs

Something as small as running a red light or running a stop sign can lead to a big catastrophe. Not only the driver and passenger will be at risk. Other motor drivers and pedestrians can be hit and even killed if a driver chooses to disobey traffic lights and stop signs.

Fatigue driving

Overworking and lack of sleep are some of the causes of fatigue. Therefore, a driver should not get behind the wheel in a state of fatigue. Instead, get enough sleep, and rest after strenuous work hours. 

Regulations Guiding Trucking in Florida

State and federal laws guide truck ownership, manufacturing, and truck driving within the United States. Truck drivers, owners, and manufacturers need to adhere strictly too for the safety of others. To qualify to drive a truck in Florida, the truck driver must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be above the age of 18.
  2. Possess a valid commercial license.
  3. A truck driver must not have a previous bad driving antecedent. 
  4. Be literate enough to understand traffic signs written in the English language and to be able to converse with officials.
  5. Truck drivers must have good vision, with at least a 20/40 in each eye. 

Contact an attorney after a Florida Truck Accident. 

After a Florida truck accident, a victim’s most important step is contacting a truck accident lawyer. Your truck accident lawyer is important and can help you assess your case. Truck companies usually have their legal team to gather evidence and facts to help protect the company’s interest. A truck accident victim should have a lawyer that can fight to protect their legal interest and try to gain adequate compensation. 

Contact the Coleman Law Group to represent you in your truck accident claim.

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