You’re relaxing in the cushy backseat of an Uber when the driver takes your comment I’m in a bit of a hurry literally and runs a red light. What happens when rideshare goes bad? It is essential to understand who is at fault in a rideshare accident and what you can expect if you’re involved in one.

Think Uber, Lyft, and services like these are solely transportation organizations? Guess again. They’re technology conduits that connect drivers with passengers. As pure transportation companies, taxis fall under a whole different legal umbrella than rideshares. This difference can be significant when it comes to seeking compensation for personal injuries.

Let’s examine Uber in particular. Part of that fee you paid to the driver includes what the company calls a ‘safe driver fee.’ That money goes to cover driving safety education and background checks. Even a big company like Uber can’t control the traffic, though. Therefore, they cannot guarantee your total safety while out on the roads. No one can.

Anyone injured in a rideshare accident can’t expect the same treatment as, say, someone injured by a trucker employed full-time by a single company. Not only can Uber not issue this guarantee, Rideshare drivers operate as independent contractors. Therefore, their company can deny liability in many cases.

Rideshare Accidents

When an Uber car is driven for personal use and is not available to rides sharers, the company assumes absolutely no liability. However, let’s say that the Uber vehicle is available to accept passengers, and an accident occurs. In this instance, the driver’s insurance policy comes into play. However, if they requested coverage through Uber and the damages exceed their insurance liability limits, payouts will come from Uber’s insurance policy.

What about when the wreck in question involves an Uber driver carrying a passenger? This instance is where Uber’s liability policy can be accessed. Both the driver and the passenger could be covered. The main word here is could.

Contact Coleman Law Group if you have been involved in a rideshare accident. Weather passenger or driver, you deserve payment for any injuries suffered as a result of negligence. Our compassionate, aggressive lawyers will examine the nuances of your case and give you our honest opinion regarding your chances in court. Each of our lawyers is dedicated to specific circumstances, ensuring that full attention available to each client.

No rideshare should end in pain and suffering, lost wages or other hindrances. Those who experience such loss may be eligible to bring a civil suit against the rideshare company or the driver’s personal insurer. For more information, visit the Coleman Law Group online, or call (727) 214-0400 for a free consultation.

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