Tampa highway truck accident lawyer – What you need to know

Truck accidents happen every day throughout the United States, and the occupants of the vehicle in the passenger car are frequently killed or seriously injured.

Truck accidents may devastate and be difficult to recover from. Tampa residents are used to using the roadway with big trucks, but the worry and dread of wanting to commute too close around these large trucks never goes away. Passengers understand they suffer the worst in an accident involving a tractor or truck, and they have reason to be concerned.

If you survive a truck collision, you’re likely to have serious injuries that may prove to be difficult to recover from , if they heal at all. In fact, several truck accident survivors find it difficult, if not unattainable, to get behind the wheel again.

Tampa truck drivers have a considerably lower chance of being injured or killed on the road than other road users. Truck accidents killed over 2,500 people in 2018, but only 500 were truck drivers. Pedestrians, other vehicles, cyclists, and motorcycle riders are frequently involved in truck accidents. 

Unfortunately, when you are a victim of a truck accident, your injuries are typically severe and life-threatening, often resulting in devastating physical damages or even death. Because the expenses are so much greater, trucking businesses collaborate with insurance companies, and they are fighting even harder to minimize or limit their liabilities. In such a case, it is necessary to have an active lawyer in your team that will fight for the maximum amount of compensation. 

Action Steps Following A Truck Accident In Tampa?

Foremost, your safety and health should always come first. Get to a safe location as quickly as possible. This is the best move if you are unharmed and can move. If you can assist others in doing so, do so, but only if they are not hurt. First aid practitioners advise you to leave a wounded person alone until the emergency services arrive, as they may have wounds you might aggravate by moving them.

Remove yourself from the traffic flow to the roadside, then phone 911. According to Florida Statutes 316.062, contact the police at the scene of the collision.

Wait for emergency services after you have handled the obvious danger and moved to a secure location. Emergency services can assist the injured, and authorities will secure the scene. These skilled workers know what it takes to secure a truck accident scene.

Begin gathering proof once everything is safe. Get the other driver’s name, license number, address, and all other pertinent information. If possible, get their number plate and insurance information. Take photographs of everything, including the cars involved, the wreckage, and the place where it occurred. 

Get the names and contact information of any witnesses. Also, get the identification number and name of any police or emergency respondents, since this will make getting a police record much easier later on.

Once you’ve completed all this, head to a hospital as soon as possible. Although it may seem like you have no obvious injuries, a medical expert should still examine you. A truck accident is very serious, but sSome injuries might go unnoticed for days or even weeks. According to Florida Statutes 627.736, you have 2 weeks to seek medical care for the accident, although it will improve your case if you get medication for the accident as soon as possible.

The Next Step?

Confirm that you are in a good mental state, then it’s time to call a Tampa car accident lawyer. Tell them about your accident and get free advice on what you should do next. The earlier you do this, the earlier they can start on your case and lessen your burden by doing the research, negotiating with other firms, and handling the paperwork. This leaves you with extra time to recuperate and focus on your health.

Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer In Tampa To File a Claim – Here’s Why.

In Florida, you have four years after the accident to file a case. If a state or federal government administers the truck, you have three years to bring a claim. Depending on your circumstances, it is essential to consult with a truck accident lawyer in Tampa, so that you understand your choices and how to get compensation for your loss.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer also offers you access to someone with years of expertise in handling injury cases. Our accident attorneys have earned a reputation as one of the top injury businesses in Florida and around the country, which means an expert will represent you. Experts know who to sue, the value of your case, how to bargain compensation, and how to present your case in court.

What Am I Entitled To Following a Trucking Accident?

The financial compensation you can get following a trucking accident is determined by the accident and the severity of your injuries. If you were not at fault in the accident, you may retrieve:

  • Wages lost
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Damage remuneration for property or vehicle
  • Most, if not all of, your medical costs and prescription medicines
  • Compensation for suffering and pain

Where you live alone and require help with daily living tasks, they may compensate you for any expenditures incurred. In addition, include any house improvements needed because of your injury to be considered in your compensation.
Every case is unique, as is every accident victim’s narrative. You should consult with a truck collision attorney as soon as possible if you want to find out what exactly you might be claiming compensation for.

Why Are The Impact of Truck Accidents So Disastrous?

Large vehicles, such as 18-wheelers and dump trucks, are the most typical forms of truck accidents in Tampa. The most prevalent causes we notice are trucks weighing substantially more than a typical Tampa passenger vehicle. This implies trucks take longer to brake. Because of the long stop time, it is more difficult for the truck driver to escape a truck collision if another motorist abruptly skids in front of them.

Truck driver weariness is a major contributor to truck accidents. Passenger car drivers who drive aggressively and attempt to overtake a truck driver without the consciousness of the truck’s blind zone might lead to an accident if the truck driver tries to switch lanes and cannot see the passenger car driver.

The Most Common Injuries In Commercial Truck Accidents

Because of the weight of trucks, the casualties they inflict when they collide are frequently more severe than those caused by a typical automobile collision. Traumatic brain injury is a common injury. Others include;

  • Injury to the spinal cord.
  • Quadriplegia.
  • Traumatic damage to the neck and back.
  • Disc herniation.
  • Burns that are severe.
  • Bones crushed or shattered.
  • Paraplegia.
  • Organ damage and internal bleeding are likely outcomes.

The medical expenditures associated with these injuries can quickly mount beyond what the ordinary individual can pay independently. They may not operate at their normal ability. They may never work again in a normal capacity. When this occurs, the monetary damages awarded must be sufficient.

What Are The Most Prevalent Causes Of Truck Accidents In Tampa?

Various factors cause truck accidents, including:

1.Trucks That Are Not Well-Maintained

There are many trucks on the road which are unsafe to drive. These vehicles cause accidents, causing severe harm and damage to others. Trucking firms must keep their trucks well-maintained and repaired regularly, but this does not always happen. Speak with a lawyer if you were involved in a truck accident and want help dealing with the financial consequences of your injuries and property damage

2. Failure Of Equipment

Equipment failure is another major cause of truck accidents. When the brakes or tires fail, this might unfold. In some circumstances, equipment failure may be because of insufficient maintenance. Again, both trucking firms and truckers are accountable for maintaining the vehicle is in good condition.

Otherwise, they endanger themselves and others. If a truck hit you, contact a Tampa truck accident lawyer to learn how to seek compensation for your losses

3. Exhaustion In Drivers

Trucking is a challenging career, and traveling long distances per week can be taxing for even the most seasoned truckers. Despite federal rules limiting the time a business trucker can report every week, some drivers and trucking businesses do not follow the guideline. Many truck drivers continue to drive even if they are exhausted. If a truck hit you, and the reason for the collision was truck driver fatigue, contact a truck accident lawyer in Tampa as soon as possible

4. Driving While Distracted

These days, distracted driving is an issue for everyone. With so many individuals engrossed in their electronic gadgets, it gives attention to the road is waning. With truck drivers, the situation becomes considerably worse. Truckers frequently become bored on the roads because of the long hours they spend on the road. This frequently results in multitasking activities, such as phone calls, messaging, snacking, or perhaps even inputting data into their navigation system. All these distractions can endanger people on the road.

Multitasking is one of the leading reasons for truck accidents in the United States, and it is becoming more prevalent by the year. Speak with an experienced lawyer if you suspect a distracted motorist was to blame for the accident that caused you harm.

5. Inadequate Road Conditions

Poor road conditions frequently cause trucking accidents. Because truckers drive all year, they often encounter hazardous road conditions, such as ice, snow, oil spills, and poorly maintained roadways. All these elements raise the possibility of a trucking accident. Sometimes these incidents happen through no fault of anyone, but truck drivers sometimes drive carelessly under terrible road conditions. This can lead to the truck driver losing control and colliding with another vehicle or vehicle. 

A collision of this magnitude could lead to serious injuries and property damage. If a truck has hit and wounded you, consult with a truck accident lawyer

6. Driving on Unknown Roads

Truckers frequently go through areas they are unfamiliar with the routes or environment. This could lead to additional irritation and exhaustion due to frequent pauses or unpredictable driving. Trucking firms excessively pressure their drivers, and truck drivers who would rather not complete a particular route sometimes remain silent because they do not want to jeopardize losing their job.

Accidents on unknown routes are so possible. If a truck ran you over and suffered significant injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer to learn about your legal possibilities

7. Speeding

Speeding drivers are a hazard on the road. Truck drivers are infamous for exceeding the speed limit. However, when they drive a truck, the chance of accident doubles, and the potential for damage grows significantly. Trucks are massive, making them much riskier for other drivers, who typically have little chance of avoiding injury if a truck hits them. Truckers travel at high speeds because they must be at their intended destination. 

They also speed because they take on more than they can manage and then speed up when they realize they won’t be able to make their deliveries on time. They endanger many individuals by doing so. Contact a Tampa truck accident lawyer if a fast truck driver hits you

8. Dangerous Driving

Many truck accidents occur because of careless or unsafe driving. They should not even permit reckless truck drivers that do this on the highways, but you can see them driving at all hours of the day and night. Long hours and the boredom of driving can encourage drivers to become irresponsible, which frequently ends in accidents. If you wish, speak with a truck accident lawyer in Tampa to get answers to your questions.

If you want to maximize your chances guarantee of receiving the maximum compensation from a that they brought a careless truck driver who caused your injuries, y to justice, then contact a truck accident lawyer in Tampa.

Other driving practices that contribute to accidents, besides the ones listed above, are:

  • Failure to examine for blind areas
  • Failure to adhere to turn signals
  • Changing lanes without using traffic lights
  • Road anger Overloading Failure to obey traffic laws
  • Road construction weather problems
  • Inadequate Training

Finally, insufficient truck driver training is a fundamental cause of truck accidents. Because the trucking industry is so competitive, some firms hire truckers with little expertise and send them out on the road only to get items delivered on time.

When novice drivers who are inexperienced with the vehicle or roadways go behind the wheel of an enormous truck, the chance of an accident increases; as seen in several truck accidents, the outcomes can be disastrous. Please speak with our Tampa truck accident lawyers to learn about your legal possibilities for compensation following a truck accident.

If there is an injury to you or a loved one from a or worse in a Tampa truck accident, call Coleman Law Group’s lawyer. We can advance all costs of the litigation, and we only charge a fee after we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. Call us now! Do not hesitate any longer.

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