When are slip and fall accidents cause for legal action? –When they occur due to gross negligence. Look at the issue this way: if those tasked with public safety do not take proper measures to prevent injury, we are all at risk. Consider the example shared below. Though health is priceless, legal action can intervene in such cases to at least make the situation at least a bit more bearable for the victim.

Case Study: A bottle of vegetable oil shatters, sending its contents down the grocery aisle. Hours after the shards are removed by an employee, the walkway is still slick enough for a young mother to loose her footing – and she lands so hard that she breaks her back in several places. Unable to care for her infant without help, she must hire in-home assistance and misses out on many of her child’s early milestones due to constant pain.

The victim may bring a suit against the grocery store. That spill should have been cleaned correctly and within a reasonable time frame, and the establishment that failed to provide the cleanup is at fault. The woman may be entitled to retribution of lost wages and a sum for her pain and suffering.

Will she receive the judgment she deserves? That depends on a few elements. Slipping and falling on someone else’s turf does not immediately point to negligence. However, if the spill was on the ground for a long time, the plaintiff may have a case. This is referred to in the legal realm as slip and fall responsibility.

Also, the woman’s response directly after the accident may hurt or help her case immensely. Did she utter such phrases as “I didn’t see that there” or “I’m ok?” The property owner may cite phrases such as these to make the accident seem less dire. If the woman simply described the accident in a factual matter and then called an attorney to give the whole account, she has a better chance in court.

Evidence will come into play if the woman files a suit. That doesn’t just mean a first-person account from the victim – it also entails proof that the property owner knew about the cause of the injury and chose to ignore it anyway. This is a pivotal point, as a person cannot be sued for a little spill of water on the ground. What if it happened literally seconds before the accident occurred? There would not have been sufficient time for the property owner to take action.

If the woman chooses to pursue a suit against the store on her own accord, she may experience a drawn-out case and the frustration that comes with it. Such claims and subsequent lawsuits can be difficult to maneuver. Hiring a skilled lawyer is a sound idea that can save one money and time.

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