Some of the most common types of car accidents stand as fitting metaphors for how a car accident lawsuit can transpire. The well planned-out lawsuit is like the ‘barely a scratch’ snafu that is resolved nearly painlessly. Another scenario – like a rear-end bash – seems an open and shut case, but there can be more than meets the eye, and proceedings can be longer than first anticipated. And then there’s the complicated wreck that drags on and on in the courtroom, long after the jaws of life saved the ones involved.

Our wish is that a car accident is just one more roadblock in life that you triumph over. We share common misconceptions of a car accident lawsuit below to make it easier for you to collect any damages you deserve.

Misconceptions include:

·      A rear-end collision means an open-and-shut case. He hit me at the stoplight, the person will argue. Obviously, it’s his fault! The truth is this: if the driver who is hit is in any way driving carelessly at the moment of impact, he may be held liable. Slam those brakes or switch erratically lanes at the last second, and the person who hits your vehicle does not automatically owe you anything.

·      Accepting the settlement is a must. This is an occasion where having a good lawyer in your corner can really be an asset. It is not imperative that you accept the first offer of settlement from an insurance company. Ensure you are fully compensated for any losses you incurred due to the car accident. If that settlement number is too low, assert your right to a better one.

·      Filing that car accident lawsuit? There’s no rush. Actually, there is likely a statute of limitations that pertains to your case. Anyway, why would you want to wait years to address an event that clearly has affected you in a negative manner? File when all the details of the accident are clear in your mind.

·      There’s no need to hire an attorney. Dealings with insurance companies can be monotonous and confusing. A good attorney will navigate the web of communication between you and the insurance company in an effort to negotiate the best settlement possible.

·      Lawsuits drag on and on forever – I’ll never get paid is a sentiment many people share about a car accident lawsuit, but it’s simply untrue. Did you know that many car accident lawsuits do not even go to trial? With a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you stand the greatest chance to recover damages as quickly as possible.

·      I have a police report, so fault is obvious. Remember that the other driver likely has an insurance company advocating for him as well, and that insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible.

If you’ve been in an accident, contact the compassionate attorneys at the Coleman Law Group, to protect your rights.

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