The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida has left us reeling. Yes, we are hurting. We are mothers, aunts, friends; the thought that a gunman could open fire on the children we hold most dear while they attend school is an unbelievable horror.

We do not shake our heads and wonder What can be done? No, we do not ask questions that are swallowed by the air. We demand something be done. One more life lost because of a war-ready weapon in the hands of an unstable individual is too many. We look to our firm’s motto, where power meets passion, for inspiration to act. It’s time to use our collective voices as a powerful, passionate catalyst for change.

We, the lawyers of the Coleman Law Group, suggest the following course of action:

Decide what you believe – and fight for it. Do you believe the United States Constitution should be followed to the exact letter? Read the second amendment. Now, take a close look at your belief in the all-encompassing right to bear arms. Remember that when the constitution was written, people armed themselves with muskets – not semi-automatic weapons capable of mass killing.

Take that realization and avoid marring it with extreme views. Americans are historically open to ‘gray area’ compromises. We’re a melting pot, after all, and that has meant a merging of opinions and beliefs since our country’s inception. If you believe that no one in the United States should own any type of gun, rethink your stance. That’s not going to happen. The opposite view that we are entitled to every type of firearm is misguided as well. Decide upon a reasonable point of view.

Fight For Change

What is not reasonable is detailed in a recent article printed by the New York Times found here.  In Florida, an AR15 is easier to acquire than a handgun. We find this to be grossly negligent. These guns should be difficult to obtain, not a near-impulse purchase. And people who have been shown to be a possible danger to themselves and others should not be able to purchase them.

To us, this just makes sense. Do you agree? If so, make sure those who can change the course of history hear you. Join a group like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and become an advocate for what is right and what is reasonable.

Once you begin, take heart in the fight. Remember that commonsense regulatory actions have happened before and that there is reason to believe they can be enacted again. Do you recall the Federal Assault Weapons Ban? The ten-year proclamation expired in 2004, but it made the use and ownership of semi-automatic weapons prohibitive for civilians.

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We of the Coleman Law Group pledge to join our voices with yours to enact real change – one that keeps what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School from ever occurring again. Let’s get started.

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