People often ask us “How much is my case worth?”

The answer is, as always, it depends.

The answer often depends on a variety of factors including how you were injured, who injured you, how badly you were injured and what treatment you have had.

A personal injury lawsuit settlement amounts are often evaluated based on the following factors:

(1) Who was at fault for causing your injuries,

(2) What medical treatment you have had and the cost of the treatment,

(3) In what ways has your life been directly affected by the injuries such as lost time from work, loss of ability to enjoy hobbies and recreation you previously enjoyed, and whether you have sustained a permanent disability of all or part of your body.

These factors are not a complete list of the ways in which a case is valued.  There are other factors that can make a case worth more or less.

For example, in a recent case there was a client who was a passenger in a vehicle.  His friend was driving and his friend was drunk and intentionally caused the vehicle to slip and slide.  While driving down a dark and wet road, the driver pulled the emergency break and caused the car to slide directly into a tree.  The passenger’s head smashed the window causing glass to go into his head, scalp and fill his mouth with shards.  The passenger ultimately had little or no medical treatment but his back continued to hurt him.  The case settled for the policy limit of the driver’s auto policy because of the aggravating nature of how the accident was caused.

The best way to get an evaluation on potential value of a case is to consult an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury claims.

Another critical consideration is that a value of a case can’t be determined until after medical treatment has been concluded.  This is called reaching “maximum medical improvement” and it occurs when a doctor says that there’s nothing else s/he can do for you to help you with your symptoms.  While cases may be settled before maximum medical improvement is reached, it is not advisable because you could be settling a case before a serious symptom evolves.

We often see with our clients that injuries and symptoms can take as long as a year following an accident to fully mature.  While you may not feel an injury the day of the accident or the day after, a serious problem can arise weeks or months later.

Contact the compassionate attorneys at the Coleman Law Group, to help you through this situation.

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