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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Personal Injury

What’s a Florida personal injury attorney’s favorite holiday movie? This isn’t a trick question: The answer is undoubtedly National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The movie millions of people watch to get into the holiday spirit is basically a case study for personal injury.

Let’s for a moment consider just the personal ramifications of main character Clark Griswold’s risky behavior (tippy ladders used to hang lights, rabid squirrels living in the family Christmas tree). Those are damaging enough. But what about those neighbors he torments – Todd and Margo? The ones we feel just a little bit sorry for? They could build quite a personal injury case.

This Holiday, Enjoy Our Favorite Personal Injury Flick

Repeat the following promise, reader: I shall not use National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation for holiday decorating tips. And enjoy the below dissection of this seminal holiday movie as a personal injury harbinger.

  • Remember Cousin Eddie and his RV sewage disposal system? Eddie dumped his family’s sewage directly into the neighborhood sewer. Could the Griswold’s neighbors sue for pain and suffering due to respiratory distress caused by sewage fumes? Yes, they could. Does it sound conceivable to sue for such an action? You decide. If a neighbor’s child had severe asthma, for example, the illegal dumping could be downright dangerous (as it is at the end of the movie for a different reason, but we’re not spoilers).
  • Clark’s holiday light display is something to behold – and when it finally does decide to work, his childless neighbors are literally ‘blinded by the light’ and break a whole slew of personal property. Grounds to sue? Maybe – because at this point in the movie, Todd and Margo have already had it up to you-know-where with holiday-happy Clark.
  • The beautiful Christmas tree that Clark insisted was ‘the one’ incinerates due to a curious cat’s misfortune. When Clark cuts down a tree in the yard, it smashes through Todd and Margo’s window. It sounds like perfect grounds for a property damage suit.

Have we forgotten anything? As Florida personal injury attorneys, it’s fun for us to treat this movie as a case study for personal injury. But we also love this movie because it’s hilarious. Please, friends, do your best this season to avoid personal injury. But if you do suffer one, contact us at the Coleman Law Group. We’re compassionate lawyers who listen to your concerns and work to recover what you deserve so that healing can continue.

And when we help inspire a successful verdict, maybe we can all sit down and watch the iconic holiday movie that reminds us of work. If you’re involved in a car accident, slip and fall or other personal injuries, call the Coleman Law Group at 727-214-0400 for a free consultation.

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