Oh, e-cigarettes: how you’ve duped us. Vaping, the ‘next big thing’ in tobacco alternatives, is revealing itself to be a personal injury harbinger. Take a pull from that hip-looking cartridge, and your hit of nicotine could come with a side of lung-related illness. A recent USA Today article confirms that six people are now reported to have died due to vaping. Are class action and other suits settlements against the vaping industry inevitable? Read onward. We’ll share the recent developments.

One of the most recent suits regarding the vaping industry is not what you might expect: In August of 2019, the vaping industry actually sued the U.S. government. You read that right – and yes, our personal injury radar is on full alert as well. The industry leaders actually sued to stall a review of the many e-cigarettes available today. Their argument? That most of their manufacturers do not have the economic means to fund FDA-ordered studies. What those studies could show could sink their industry.

Industry Up in Smoke

Vaping and personal injury obviously go together like cigarettes and lung cancer. If history is to be our guide in predicting what will happen in courtrooms regarding this issue, we can expect personal injury lawsuits to strengthen in scope as more and more evidence of health dangers is revealed. These studies that the Vapor Technology Association has moved to stall may well demonstrate what we already know – that these products are harmful. Long-term effects are currently not widely known, as e-cigarettes are a relatively new development compared to the conventional cigarette.

As if anticipating the research findings, class action suits are mounting in number. A class-action suit already exists against JUUL, a popular purveyor of e-cigarettes. The suit alleges that the company markets to minors with packaging and flavors.

An entire public school district (Goddard Public Schools) has actually sued the vaping industry, alleging a ‘crisis of vaping.’

Exploding vaping batteries have resulted in chipped teeth and worse. A class-action suit exists for these victims.

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