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Hire a Tampa Bike Accident Lawyer After an Accident

Bike accidents are not just tragic but deeply hurting as well. A lively and adventurous bike-ride plan made with family and friends can turn into a disastrous experience in just a few seconds. Even a regular rider can go through an unexpected minor or major bike accident at any moment. Such an incident can entirely change the affected person’s life and those around him.   

Although the instant reaction to such tragedies is panic and fear, you must act wisely to make better decisions. Your actions at that time will define the course of your future appeals and claims. 

The best thing to do after an accident is to call a bike accident lawyer in Tampa. It would help if you let the lawyer handle the case from the very beginning so that you get the best advice.

Bike Accident Lawyer vs. Insurance Companies  

After meeting with an accident, you have the most gruesome task of getting an insurance claim. Some people prefer to deal with insurance claims on their own. Even though you can do it yourself, hiring a bike accident lawyer will be advantageous for your case. The reason for this is that while claiming insurance, there are many tactics used by insurance companies to misguide you. Some examples are given below:   

Denial by Insurance Companies: One of the most common cases is claim denial by insurance carriers. They are companies that are business professionals looking to make a profit. They don’t have any empathy for your loss and can find any reason to deny your claim. In that situation, you can only consider legal action. For that, you should hire a lawyer.  

The Seriousness of Your Case: Insurance companies consider you serious about the case only when they see a lawyer beside you. Otherwise, they assume that you are not one to be taken seriously. They know you’ll not take the case to trial and will compensate you with the minimum amount. Thus, it would help if you always kept a lawyer when dealing with such cases.  

Deny That Accident Caused The Injury: In many cases, insurance companies completely deny that an accident caused injuries. Then, to get out of paying the insurance amount, they try to prove any other place and time of injury. Again, a lawyer will help by collecting relevant evidence to prove your case.  

Delay Your Claim: This is another tactic that insurance companies use to get out of paying deserving compensation. They delay the claim making you-the victim, impatient. As a result, your medical bill keeps piling up, making you anxious daily. Finally, when the insurance carriers decide to pay off, the victim accepts whatever they offer, even if it’s much lower than what you rightfully deserve. Once again, a lawyer will help you claim the compensation you deserve.  

What To Do In Case of Minor Accident Cases?  

There is a common misunderstanding that minor accident cases are easy to handle on your own as there is little injury or damage. However, it is advised that whatever the case, you must hire a bike accident attorney because of the following reasons:  

Know Your Legal Rights: As per government rules, you have certain legal rights, even if you have a minor accident. In cases where you were not fully at fault, you can claim compensation for the damage caused. This is where a lawyer helps you fight for justice and your rightful claim.  

Seek Fair Treatment: Bike riders are often judged with prejudices such as driving too fast, being reckless and thoughtless, etc. When there’s minimum injury, these biases can hinder your recovery claim. A lawyer will represent you fairly and fight for justified treatment and settlement.  

Carefully Analyzes Your Case: There are very few injuries at that moment in minor accident cases. However, after some time, you may realize that there is more damage than you initially calculated. A lawyer hired from the beginning will guide you appropriately so that you get fair compensation for all your damages.   

Clarifies Liability: In many accident cases, it is difficult to determine who is at fault. And when there’s a minor bike accident, the insurance carriers usually try to blame the rider to get away from paying compensation. In such cases, a lawyer helps you fight rightfully against any liability forced upon you.  

Types of Compensation   

A bike accident victim can file claims to seek compensation for their loss. Usually, the first thing you do after getting in an accident is to file an insurance claim. However, getting represented by a personal injury lawyer is beneficial in that situation as it gives you a better chance of receiving a justified claim. Some of the damages that a victim can recover if the settlement goes in their favor are:  

Medical Expenses: After an accident, there can be several minor or major injuries to the bike rider for which immediate medical attention is required. The costs of ambulances, hospital bills, doctor visits, tests and imaging, therapy, medicines, etc., are expenses that can be relatively higher to pay. Insurance claims can recover these.  

Loss of Earning Source: Some accidents can cause severe damage that requires time to recover. During that time, the person cannot work and earn a living. This can cause serious financial setbacks if the person is the family’s sole earner. In such situations also, one can seek compensation for financial aid.  

Bike Damage: Even the bike suffers damage after going through an accident. It could either be minor parts repaired or major replacements. You can seek compensation to fix your bike and recover the repair costs.  

Emotional Setback: An accident causes not just physical but emotional damage as well. A person who has an accident can have post-traumatic stress disorder, which requires proper medical treatment. Physical pain can go away, but the emotional setback takes longer to recover. The insurance companies are liable to bear these expenses as well.  

Punitive Damages: The court can order compensation for punitive damages if it rules in your favor. This is done to punish the defendant for negligence on the road. Negligence can be a breach of duty of care and putting your life at risk, for which the at-fault party has to pay compensation.  

How Can a Bike Accident Lawyer Help You?  

You must always hire a bike accident lawyer when dealing with accident claim cases. It is not just for a trial but also for reasonable settlement and protection of your legal rights. A lawyer helps you receive the maximum compensation you legally deserve and fights on your behalf until there’s a justified settlement. Some reasons why you should choose to hire a lawyer are:  

Detailed Evaluation Of the Case: A lawyer will evaluate your case in detail. They will enquire about the accident, interview witnesses, and find as much information as possible. Then, they will build your case using all the detailed information to make it stronger.  

Investigation And Gathering Relevant Evidence: You must have relevant evidence to prove your injury claim. For that, a lawyer works the best. First, they start collecting proof from the accident site immediately. Then, they investigate thoroughly and gather every little piece of evidence that can assist your case.   

Communication with Insurance Companies: Once you file a compensation claim from insurance companies, they try to figure out ways to deny you the money or at least lower the amount. They play nicely and then record your words to use them against you later. However, if you have a lawyer, they will communicate with you on your behalf, so they don’t take advantage of you. You must never communicate with insurance agents without consulting a lawyer.   

Negotiating Settlements: It is necessary to have a lawyer if you want to have a fair negotiation. Insurance companies can lure you into accepting their lowball settlement offer. However, if you have a lawyer by your side, your case will be presented fairly well.   

Representation In The Lawsuit: If the negotiation does not go as planned, your lawyer will guide and represent you through the lawsuit. They will fight for your rights and ensure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.  

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A bike accident can cause multiple traumas to the victim. The rider bears several losses, from physical injuries to emotional disorders and even property damage. In such situations, hiring a Coleman Law Group can assist you in dealing with a lot.

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