Read Before You Invade

Avast, ye lovers of bead booty and Bayshore Boulevard: Tampa’s Gasparilla festival is nearly upon us. Since 1904, the Bay Area has celebrated Jose Gaspar with a homage worthy of the alleged 1700s-era plunderer. That Jose was rather naughty. You too can let loose and let your pirate flag fly Saturday, January 27 by following a few tips. Party like a pirate and stay safe. Here’s how.

Select thy driver – After a day watching the invasion, ambling up and down the Boulevard and party-hopping, it’s a solid bet that your driver has (ahem) “designated” a good amount of rum. Therefore, that Uber driver is likely going to be your best bet. Or the Lyft guy in the Escalade. You get the drift. Plenty of taxis, streetcars, trolleys, and HART buses are available as well. Just don’t be impatient – nearly a half million people are expected to be in attendance, so it may take a while to find that ride.

Remember thy road rules – Just because there is a literal horde of people in pirate garb blocking the streets, this does not give you permission to make up your own road rules. (Yes, we agree that Jose Gaspar probably did whatever he darn well wanted, but he didn’t have the Tampa Police Department out in full force three hundred years ago, either). Repeat the following phrase: I am not a real pirate. I still have to follow rules and laws. Pay attention to what’s going on around you – and a piece of eight to all who actually use the crosswalk.

Safety First

If you are involved in an accident, contact a reputable attorney immediately – Ok, so this advice isn’t limited to Gasparilla. Still, if you experience an automobile accident anytime throughout the festival, or you’re involved in a motorcycle collision or other accident, contact a reputable attorney. Personal injury is no joke, swashbucklers. If you experience an injury of any kind, talk to a compassionate Florida personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Ok, so enough with the admonitions already. It’s time to celebrate, Tampa! Festival-goers, we wish you a day full of pirate pleasure. May your cup be full, your smile wide, your beads plentiful, and your experience safe.

Full disclosure: The Coleman Law Group apologizes that our recommendations for Gasparilla 2018 arrrrrr full of pirate puns. Be honest: you can’t help yourself either.

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