As personal injury attorneys, we know firsthand that words are powerful weapons. They’re what win our firm’s clients the decisions they deserve in court; they tip the scales of justice rightly. Each one of us at the Coleman Law Group feels an obligation to use our words for the greater good.  

The mass shootings at Dayton and El Paso leave us nearly speechless.  

Our profession exists to right personal wrongs. When a wrong is so pervasive and arbitrary as to take the form of a mass shooting inside a Wal-Mart, all of us in society feel helpless. We feel hopeless. We wonder how it is that such evil can live in the world and whether it will touch our lives or someone we know. And as personal injury attornies, we prepare to fight. 

The personal injury professionals among us are gathering facts as they come, trying to make sense out of the outcomes of the El Paso and Dayton shootings. The El Paso shootings, done inside a Wal-Mart, will be tried as domestic terrorism. This assertion in the scope of personal injury means the crime represents a literal nationwide threat. Let that sink in for a moment: The act itself stands to tear the very fabric of our American society.  

Mass Shootings Demand Massive Change.

The fact that we continue to suffer from such horrible acts begs the question: Is our fabric already broken? How do we fix it? 

And from the legal side, how does El Paso differ from the Dayton case, in which nine people were killed? What sort of personal injury lawsuits will shootings like these reveal? And when such horrible acts of senseless violence occur so close to one another (within 24 hours) will the courts themselves carry out punishment and reparations in a sense of shock and retribution? 

Personal injury lawyers will be watching the legal outcome of these horrible events. We know we are. Hate crime charges could mean the death penalty for the El Paso gunman. How will the legal system handle the Dayton case, in which the gunman was also killed? And why are we so used to mass shootings occurring that we cannot seem to do anything other than watch how the legal process plays out and pray for the victims and their families? 

This is unacceptable. We at the Coleman Law Group know it. You know it. And we intend to use our words to do more than win cases – we pledge to use them as powerful weapons against gun violence. Join us. 

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