An auto accident sets a long list of inconveniences into motion. There’s repair to the automobile, which can be a headache. Health issues from the accident can make the idea of filing a car accident lawsuit exhausting. Take a deep breath and pick up the phone anyway. Call a reputable auto accident attorney. He or she will be able to counsel you regarding whether proceeding with a car accident lawsuit is a sound idea or just a waste of time.

The hard truth is this: each car accident is different. Even a settlement from an accident that seems very similar to yours can differ in a large way from your particular situation. When you contact a car accident attorney you will therefore be asked to fully explain the accident and your role in it. Be prepared to answer the following questions as fully and honestly as possible.

They include:

What was your role? Consider the pure-comparative negligence of your actions (or lack thereof). If you were texting and driving when that truck blindsided your sedan in an intersection, you are reasonably going to be somewhat at fault – even if that truck ran a red light. Therefore, be straight with your car accident attorney. Was the other party at fault – and can you prove it? What sort of role did you play?

What might your damages be? Let’s say your role in the accident has been examined and the attorney determines a lawsuit is worth pursuing. Now you have an open door of possibilities. Consider medical expenses. Wages lost. Pain and suffering. Even loss of consortium can be factored in to your lawsuit. This is defined as a non-economic loss that nonetheless can be personally devastating.

What type of case is there against you? Estimating damages may have you seeing dollar signs at this point. Consider now what case could be building against yours. Remember that the other party is most likely trying to make their case look favorable – and that many Floridians do opt for minimum policy limits. This can set the amount you can recover before a trial even begins. Consider again what your role was in the accident. If you are nearly equally at fault and the defendant has a minimum policy limit, you may not stand to recover much at all.

An experienced car accident attorney will take you through these questions and help you determine whether it is advantageous to move forward. Trust an attorney that has experience with car accident lawsuits – not one who starts speaking in dollar signs before you’ve even explained the nuances of the accident.

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