Coleman Law Group, PA continues to fight for justice for the injured

St. Petersburg office of Coleman Law Group recently celebrated an expansion of services that includes a personal injury compensation branch. For the all-female group known for their focus on business, family and bankruptcy cases, the personal injury compensation niche is a natural addition to the firm’s daily agenda.

“Our mission statement clearly communicates that we believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard,” says Coleman Law Group founder Constance Coleman. “Those who have suffered a personal injury can count on us to be competent and compassionate.”

Compassionate is the adjective that Coleman asserts sets her firm apart from other law groups. The Coleman cadre of attorneys takes a personal approach to each case in order to put clients at ease and ensure information is accurately conveyed throughout all stages of litigation. While some law groups pass a case from attorney to attorney, a single legal professional is assigned to each case accepted by the Coleman Law Group.

“Having that one legal professional understand your case every step of the way is invaluable,” Coleman says.

This compassionate, focused approach is one firm founder Constance Coleman aspires to bring to each case her group accepts, and her time after-hours reflects this resolve as well. She serves pro-bono as a guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem and cites that giving children a voice in court is one of her greatest services to the public. Recently, Coleman also was tapped to be a member of the Barney Masterson Inn of Court Board. She is a Chair of the Mount Zion Christian Academy as well.

Personal injury representation is a natural progression for the firm, Coleman says, and she and her team look forward to helping those who have been wrongly injured find their voice. Coleman recommends quick action in such cases; if a person has suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence, she recommends a call to her office immediately.

“We often can take quick legal action to remedy the situation,” Coleman says.

The personal injury compensation department will maintain a consistent client-first focus; the firm’s other niches of dealing with bankruptcy cases and divorce and family law will continue with this focus as well. Below, the nuances of each department are examined in detail. Whether Coleman attorneys are handling bankruptcy concerns, divorce and family law or personal injury compensation, the compassionate, client-first focus yields impressive results.

Bankruptcy Concerns

Facing financial difficulties can be one of the most stressful realizations an individual ever experiences, and the Coleman Group wants their clients to know that they are not alone in this process. Their attorneys are well versed in bankruptcy law and guide clients through the debt relief process – no matter the reason for the debt.

Consolidation of debt may be the answer. Exorbitant medical bill debt may necessitate another approach. Mortgage foreclosure can raise a long list of questions regarding financial solvency and any possible future home ownership. The Coleman Law Group team is ready with creative solutions to these issues and more.

“There is simply no reason to go through bankruptcy alone without a clear plan of action,” says Coleman. “Our attorneys take pride in helping individuals map out the process and answer those tough questions.”

A sample Coleman Law Group scenario is a client who has become delinquent with his mortgage payments. A Coleman attorney will look at different possibilities for declaring bankruptcy, if this route is in fact necessary, and will map out what this declaration means in the present and the future to this individual. Will they be able to request credit? Does this mean the end of home ownership indefinitely? Knowing what to expect takes the fear out of the process, Coleman says, and it’s the attorney’s job to explain each course of action completely and compassionately.

Though answers are not always what a client hopes to hear, one of Coleman’s consistent promises to clients is reassuring; she often finds herself reminding individuals that there is life after Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It’s a truth, she says, but the stark reality is that the process of bankruptcy is complicated; with a Coleman lawyer as a guide throughout, it’s more likely that the individual undergoing the bankruptcy will emerge optimistic for the future.

“Think of us as your partner on this journey,” she says. “We have the legal knowledge to inform you of your options – and that means that the future is not as uncertain as it may have seemed before you visited our law office.”

When a couple’s future seems likely to involve divorce, the designated attorney from the Coleman Law Group listens to client concerns and informs the couple of the best legal course of action. Divorce and family law is another area of Coleman Law Group expertise where the “Coleman Focus” shines: the one-on-one attention of a knowledgeable attorney quickly assuages many client concerns. Divorce is by nature stressful; the Coleman team makes the process transparent and as painless as possible by addressing options and creative solutions as to the dissolution of the marital union.

No matter the reason for divorce, there are ways to streamline the dissolution of marriage and make the experience less jarring. Common factors that demand attention are child support and visitation; the Coleman Law Group listens carefully to the interests of those looking to divorce and then issues their recommendation(s).

“There are often many factors to consider when a marriage is ending,” Coleman says. “We suggest what we believe to be the best legal course of action.”

The Coleman Law Group also handles annulments and mediation. Mediation in particular is a way to lessen the cost of divorce, and the Coleman attorneys are skilled in this area. Even those who are facing an uncontested divorce should seek representation; the caring, aggressive Coleman attorneys will no doubt shorten the process.

“Divorce doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all,” Coleman says. “If the couple comes to us and wants a quick, easy dissolution, we can do that – and if they are having difficult agreeing on aspects of the split, we can advise legal course of action in that case as well.”

Avoiding excessive legal and/or financial complications can be a virtual godsend for divorcing couples. Choose to partner with the right lawyer, Coleman says, and the focus can be more on healing from the split instead of dealing with a long, drawn-out legal battle. Whether the divorce is a high net worth situation or there doesn’t seem to be a large amount of property in question, a Coleman attorney will examine the situation and act accordingly as counsel.

It’s this attitude of creative personalization that continues to further the Coleman Law Group’s reputation of providing compassionate legal representation. By being well versed in the law and its processes while fully understanding individual client needs, these attorneys practicing in the legal areas of personal injury and compensation, bankruptcy and divorce and family law are proving invaluable to clients in the Bay Area.

The firm accepts cases from the areas of Land O’Lakes, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa, as well as cases from areas along the Gulf Coast. For more information about the Coleman Law Group and to schedule a free consultation, visit Coleman Law Group or call 727-214-0400.

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