Car Accidents: How to Manage COVID-19 Stress

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Car accidents and stress are directly linked. During the aftermath of COVID-19 epidemic apply these useful tips to help you avoid a car accident and continue to keep the numbers low.

Newsmax states that “COVID-19 caused the largest drop of fatal car accidents in US history.”

As auto accident lawyers, we’ve heard a lot of reasons for why a person has a car accident. Time and time again, stress comes up (especially during the COVID-19 Epidemic).  Apply these useful tips to help you avoid a car accident during this epidemic and its aftermath. Whether it’s personal or professional, stress can manifest as an inability to focus, or to become easily distracted. When you come across traffic jams, bad weather, or terrible drivers, times when you need your focus the most, that distraction can prove dangerous and expensive. And of course, what greater personal stressors are there than a global pandemic and precarious economy?

Most people are back on the roads.  Therefore, please do your best to avoid the hassle of car accident claims by taking a proactive approach to your stress. Healthy habits, like drinking lots of water, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep are all great ways to help your body manage cortisol levels. But here are a few immediate tips you can use while driving to help reduce stress.

Pick Your Music Carefully

Instead of beat-heavy music or loud bangers, opt for instrumental or classical music that can help you stay relaxed.

Stay In the Same Lane

Changing lanes is overrated. Is that 15 seconds of time you’re going to save really that important? Leave for your destination with plenty of time, so you don’t find yourself rushing. Taking a few extra minutes to get where you’re going can mean avoiding a serious car accident.

Open the Windows

Especially now, when we’re all staying inside a bit more than usual, fresh air is incredibly important. A few deep breaths of some cool breezes will help your brain refocus with some much needed oxygen.

Be Careful and Stay Safe! Don’t become a victim of the aftermath of Covid-19.

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Take these steps if you are involved in an accident.

Coronavirus: Critical Resources in Tampa Bay, FL

Coronavirus in Tampa Bay

Coronavirus: Critical Resources in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, FL

Together, we can win this case.

With coronavirus on the docket, it’s imperative that we as a Tampa Bay community come together – even as we stay six feet apart. In this age of smartphones, social isolation is a more connected experience than it would have been just fifty years ago. Nurturing our relationships and exuding positivity in the midst of this outbreak is going to keep us all sane. 

And that mandate of six feet between us is going to keep us safe. Please, PLEASE practice social distancing. 

If you begin to feel helpless and are not sure where to turn, reference the list below. The Coleman Law Group has compiled this valuable group of resources that we believe will help us all through this pandemic. 

Remember: At least our social distancing can include a solo walk down to the Vinoy Basin, with dolphins surfacing in pods. We’ve got this, Tampa Bay.

Disease Information

By all means, check for updates on disease progression – but not constantly. Certainly, one of the most reputable sources to trust is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If there is an outbreak in our community, do not panic. Read and follow these tips for containment and response.  Find out information about steps you can take to fight the coronavirus in Tampa Bay.

Where does our state fare in this fight? Stay up-to-date on the state of the disease progression in the Sunshine State through the Tampa Bay Times site. That way, when Governor DeSantis issues updates, you’ll know.  

Not sure whether that standard Lysol spray will kill the coronavirus? Be absolutely sure of your cleaner’s efficacy by referencing this list

Those who believe they may be sick should follow these recommendations. We supremely hope that if you do have the coronavirus, your case is extremely mild. The best-case scenario is that no one around you contracts it and that you are able to finally watch those 14 seasons of Supernatural you’ve been too busy to stream until now.   

Since the virus is believed to mainly transmit from person to person, stay away from too many people. Hence the ‘groups of 10 or fewer’ advice. Additional advice is in this document

Community Resources

Need food? This Tampa Bay Times article explains where you can find it. Children who are now out of school for weeks can still receive breakfast and lunch. It’s being distributed at select school locations. 

One of the largest providers of food to those in need in Tampa Bay have moved to a drive-thru model of fulfillment. Check the Feeding Tampa Bay site to view the day’s schedule. 

Tampa residents can access Tampa’s recovery hotline for social recovery and business relief. That number is: 1-833-TPA-INFO. Text TAMPABAYREADY to 888-777 for updated information and valuable info about the coronavirus in Tampa Bay. 

Need more government resources and information, Tampa residents? You’ll find them here

Learn how to apply for unemployment benefits, workers’ compensation, welfare or temporary assistance, and other programs and services that can help if you lose your job at

Delivery schedules are fluid at Tampa Bay Meals on Wheels currently. To apply to receive meals or to volunteer, visit:

YOU can be a community resource. Blood donations are expected to be needed now more than in recent memory. Find a location to donate here. 

Physical And Mental Health

Take care of your physical health, whether that means going for a walk or two a day or finding a new favorite workout video. CNBC compiled a fabulous list of companies that are offering such videos free of charge. Find them here.   

Have a smartphone? Download an app such as Headspace to help manage your stress levels. Consider all this time spent at home as an opportunity to learn meditation. Even on a small scale, it can lower blood pressure and help you find a calm ‘center.’ 

Need more exercise options? Get creative with these tips

Consider Facetime or Skype to stay in touch with relatives. Those who are most vulnerable may be feeling exceptionally isolated now. Have an elderly relative? Facetime can lift their spirits – and yours.  Don’t let the coronavirus in Tampa Bay disconnect you from your loved ones.

Small children have not seen their schoolmates for a while. Applications like Messenger Kids lets them connect in a safe manner (privacy controls abound for caregiver peace of mind). 

Establish a routine in this ‘new normal.’ Rising at the same time each day and getting enough sleep can keep you strong and healthy. Using coronavirus as an excuse to stay up late each night can backfire, as this article explains.

Homeschool – For Now

School is out – but it’s also in (your living room, dining room, etc.) Parents who are not used to teaching their children in the casa can find a variety of resources to help with the quest. Some of our favorites are found at: 

Working parents who now must meet deadlines at home while instructing youngsters: This is a whole new frontier, we know. Through careful planning and establishing of a schedule, you too can get your work done while the little ones are learning away.  

Spectrum is offering free WiFi for students to be able to work virtually. Access this perk by calling: 1-844-488-8395 to enroll. 

What’s going on in your particular district regarding school closures, etc.? Pinellas parents should trust the information from, while Tampa parents should bookmark: 

Kids getting burned out from all the virtual learning? Remember that children need to move. Institute a physical education requirement for your ‘Coronovirus University.’ Resources to help you plan physical education workouts appropriate for children are shared here. Consider taking a break and joining in alongside your little athletes. 

A whole slew of celebrities are chipping in to help supplement those lessons. Children of all ages can enjoy Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf in Frozen and Frozen 2) and Amy Adams (of Enchanted fame) reading various children’s stories aloud. Visit this site, sit back, and enjoy. 

Mo Willems, author and illustrator of books such as When You Give a Pigeon a Cookie, will teach your children how to draw that famous pigeon. And a certain famous pig. And so much more.  

We are always available.

We hope the above list helps us of us get through this time. If you do require counsel regarding an auto accident in Tampa or St. Petersburg, call us at 727-214-0400 or email us at

Click on to reach the Coleman Law Group. The coronavirus in Tampa Bay won’t get the best of us. Stay strong and stay aware of what is happening around in your area.

We may be social distancing – but our legal counsel is as close as ever. 

Coleman Law Group, PA: Your Auto Accident Law Firm.

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