What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

What is the average settlement for a motorcycle accident in Florida? Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common occurrences witnessed on roads. Since Florida has one of the highest motorcycle riders, the average rate of accidents is foreseen. Although many reasons contribute to the soaring cases, the stereotyped society holds the rider responsible, labeling them reckless. As a result, the average settlement for motorcycle accidents gets affected.

If you or anyone you know goes through a motorcycle accident in Florida, it is recommended to act wisely and demand your deserving compensation. An average motorcycle accident settlement in Florida can range from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars, depending upon the circumstances. An experienced attorney guides you appropriately to get the justified settlement amount. Consulting a professional is the sensible option to deal with the complex insurance claim process without getting exploited.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

Determining an average settlement for motorcycle accidents in Florida is tricky since the settlement amount varies per case. In addition, many factors are weighed when deciding an exact amount, such as medical expenses, lost wages, emotional damages, bike repair costs, etc. Since all these are variable factors, it is not practical to give an average amount.

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Crash?

What you do immediately after a motorcycle accident in Florida would be the most crucial decision. So, it is essential to choose your actions wisely during that time. A few instructions to keep in mind are:

  • Prioritize checking for any severe injuries and seeking medical attention.
  • Call 911 and alert the emergency services. This is a legal requirement in Florida.
  • Gather evidence for your case, such as taking pictures, collecting information from witnesses, etc.
  • Contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida.
  • File an insurance claim to recover your damages. However, insurance agents often use your evidence against you to reduce the compensation amount. So, consult an attorney before revealing all information to the insurance company.
  • Maintain medical bills and other documents for record of evidence.
  • Refuse any early or on-the-spot settlement that can undermine your deserved settlement. Only indulge in a negotiation with an experienced lawyer.

How Much Do Motorcycle Accident Cases Settle for?

As mentioned above, an average motorcycle accident settlement in Florida differs for every case. Therefore, your case value may increase or decrease depending on your injuries, physical and emotional damage, and other factors.

Moreover, many people choose to settle the case outside the court and consider discrete assets, such as insurance value, urgency, economic and non-economic damages, etc., to calculate the settlement amount. Therefore, the average settlement for a motorcycle accident in Florida depends on your situation. However, having an experienced lawyer can assist you in getting the desired amount that you rightfully deserve for your losses in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

A motorcycle accident in Florida can cause minor, catastrophic, or even fatal injuries to the rider. The duration of a motorcycle accident lawsuit varies, conditioned on the type and intensity of injury and insurance claim factors.

Various factors, such as the gravity of your injury, evidence collection, determining liability, negotiations, litigation, etc., fluctuate the length of a lawsuit. Thus, a fixed period for how long an average settlement for a motorcycle accident in Florida lasts depends on individual cases.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Florida?

Unfortunately, riders can get injured for various other reasons, including someone else’s negligence. Some other common causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida are:

  • Poor road maintenance, such as uneven surfaces, potholes, etc., can cause sudden accidents and injuries.
  • Distracted or drunk drivers can also misjudge their distance from a motorcycle and fail to make appropriate decisions.
  • Bad weather, like snowfall or high winds, can create dangerous road conditions leading to accidents.
  • Blind spots in huge vehicles hide a motorcycle because the driver cannot spot him, causing misjudged movement on the road.
  • Unexpected road hazards, such as dead animals, slick roads, etc., can also imbalance the rider.
  • Poor speed estimation or speeding by other vehicles can disturb the rider leading to an accident.
  • Defective motorcycle parts can lead to a failure of the mechanism and a collision.

How Will No-Fault Insurance Laws Affect My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Since Florida is a No-fault state, you need to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance that covers your damages in an accident. Unfortunately, Florida allows No-Fault only to four-wheeled motor vehicles. Thus, motorcyclists only get compensation if they specifically purchase motorcycle PIP coverage.

Usually, the automobile insurance coverage of motorcyclists does not cover the damage incurred in a motorcycle accident in Florida. In that situation, they are required to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the party at-fault to receive an average settlement for a motorcycle accident in Florida. Even then, they do not guarantee a full recovery settlement. Nevertheless, an experienced attorney can still help you get fair compensation.

How Will Comparative Negligence Laws Affect My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Florida lays out strict laws regarding the element of fault. Comparative Negligence Law in Florida states that the judge compares the negligence of both parties. Therefore, they can reduce your average settlement for motorcycle accidents based on the amount of your fault in the case. The court awards a justified settlement amount only after determining the liability. Thus, the comparative negligence law can affect your claim considering the percentage of your fault in the accident.

How Can Coleman Law Group Help You?

An average motorcycle accident settlement in Florida depends upon various factors. From your injuries to the amount of emotional damage you sustain, you can claim compensation after an accident. However, the amount of your settlement differs as per your case. Moreover, your actions determine whether you’ll receive a fair settlement.

A motorcycle accident in Florida can lead to tragic consequences for the rider and their families. Thus, the most important step is to contact Coleman Law Group to represent your case to claim a fair settlement.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have the professional experience, knowledge, and compassion to help you and your family receive justified compensation for your loss.

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