7 Qualities Of a Great VAWA Attorney

VAWA has always proven to be a critical law that helps protect abuse victims. However, when it comes to VAWA immigration, the complexities often tend to be a lot to handle. Of course, VAWA immigration is still a viable route for foreign abuse victims to secure residency and avoid deportation. However, the complications and apparent difficulty mean you should have an experienced professional on your side. 

Getting a VAWA attorney to assist you in your VAWA case is a great choice. You should to go for the absolute best when it comes to VAWA attorneys. Another challenge is being able to decipher which attorneys are the best fit for you and your case. Luckily, certain qualities can help give you an insight into where your VAWA attorney stands in terms of qualifications, and this article will highlight the most important ones.

Most Important Qualities to Look Out For In Your VAWA Attorney 


The first step to securing the best VAWA attorney for your case is making sure they are good for their word. This means ensuring that they qualify to be a VAWA lawyer in the first place. Well, this is probably the easiest of the steps because it only requires taking a glance through their resume. A qualified VAWA lawyer should have the necessary documents to back up their qualifications. If they don’t, then it either proves they are not qualified or shows they are not professionals. Either way, you shouldn’t have such persons handling something as intricate as your VAWA case. 

Knowledge and Experience 

Now, this is perhaps, one of the most important qualities that sets the best attorneys apart from the rest. First of all, knowledge of the VAWA laws is a must-have for anyone who claims to be a legal representative in the field. After all, it will only be disastrous to have someone who doesn’t know better handling something as vital as your VAWA immigration. 

But beyond having a knowledge of the law, you also want to make sure your VAWA attorney has ample experience handling VAWA cases. You see, when it comes to VAWA cases, it takes more than just head knowledge to successfully navigate the intricacies. An experienced lawyer who has successful cases under their belt already knows all the dos and don’ts. They know what to include in your application and what to avoid, and this can go a long way to help you secure approval for your VAWA case. 


Being good at their job is one thing, but that’s certainly not everything you need from your VAWA attorney. In fact, it’s almost useless to have the best attorney in the world if you can’t get to them when you need their services. Therefore, another quality to look out for when choosing a VAWA lawyer is how accessible they are. 

The first way to secure the accessibility of your legal advisor is by ensuring they are not swamped with several other cases. Of course, being in demand can be a sign that an attorney knows what they are doing. But then, there’s only so much a single person can handle, and a good lawyer should know that. You want your attorney to be able to answer your calls, reply to your emails promptly, honor face-to-face requests, and be available in case of emergencies. Now, that’s the mark of a good VAWA lawyer. 

A Good Communicator 

Excellent communication skills are among the top qualities of a good lawyer, and it’s also a sign of professionalism. After all, it doesn’t make sense to have a legal advisor who perfectly understands the laws but can’t explain them to you in understandable terms. Therefore, you want to hire a VAWA attorney who is a good communicator. One that can take complex immigration laws and explain them to you in a way that you’ll understand. You also want your lawyer to be outspoken and convincing, especially in cases where you’ll have to appeal before the VAWA immigration board. 

 Critical Analysis 

When it comes to VAWA application and petitioning, there are lots of possible mistakes you can make. Now, not all of these mistakes lead to case denials, but you might be looking at significant delays in the best-case scenarios. This is why you need a lawyer who can critically analyze all your potential steps to ensure you are not making any mistakes. This may not sound like much, but it certainly goes a long way to ensure you don’t jeopardize your application in any way. 


The VAWA process is one that has proven to be stressful and emotionally draining time and time again. So, you may want to also opt for a lawyer who is empathetic and emotionally intelligent. You can pick up on these qualities right from the onset, during your consultation. Are they really showing genuine concern for your predicament and fight for justice? Or are they just looking to make a few extra bucks? 


Trust is the best foundation for any relationship, and it even becomes more necessary with lawyers and clients. Hence, it goes without saying that you want an honest VAWA attorney who is ethical and plays by the books. You can also count on them to uphold their promise to help you process your VAWA application. The best way to ensure the integrity of your VAWA attorney is by going through their records for disciplinary actions and sketchy reviews.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You 

You already know how much your lawyer choice can actively impact the success of your VAWA case, and that’s why you want to go for the very best VAWA attorney you can find. Luckily, you don’t have to look too hard because the Coleman Law Group is always on hand to help you out. Not only do we embody all the qualities listed above, but we are also dedicated to helping you get your VAWA application over the line. 

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