4 Red Flags to Avoid While Hiring a VAWA Lawyer

Navigating the complexities and intricacies of the ever-changing immigration rules can quickly become overwhelming. It even poses significantly more challenges when dealing with VAWA, and it’s self-petition. This is why hiring a VAWA lawyer is a smart choice when processing such cases. Choosing the right attorney to handle your case may pose another dilemma on its own, and here’s why. 

When it comes to VAWA cases, it’s not just about hiring a lawyer but going for one that is skilled enough to help you. After all, you do not want to end up with a lawyer who has a lesser knowledge of the whole process than you. This article will explain everything you need to know about hiring a quality VAWA lawyer. 

What is a VAWA Lawyer? 

A VAWA lawyer is an expert law practitioner who majors in helping people with their VAWA cases. The job description of a VAWA lawyer is pretty simple, and centers around helping abuse victims get VAWA benefits. However, the different processes involved are what make this service worthwhile. 

First of all, your consultation with your VAWA lawyer tells you a lot about the entire concept and opens your eyes to various possibilities. Next, a VAWA lawyer’s assistance can be the telling difference that helps you secure a successful VAWA immigration status. 

Consequences of Not Hiring a Quality VAWA Lawyer 

Of course, the benefits of hiring a VAWA lawyer when pursuing a VAWA case are way too significant to ignore. You should do a little quality check before hiring your legal advisor to avoid ending up with one that isn’t the right fit for you. This may not sound like much, but it can significantly affect your VAWA mission. Here are some of the possible consequences of not hiring a quality VAWA lawyer. 

  • Lack of Experience Can be Telling: In VAWA, as with other immigration cases, the experience can make all the difference. This is why it is often one of the first qualities to look for in your VAWA lawyer. An inexperienced attorney may not know the ropes well enough to ensure a seamless petition, and that can prove costly. Moreover, you want your lawyer to be informed enough to spot and help you avoid mistakes that might ruin your chances. 
  • Evidence Gathering Might Become Harder: It’s no secret that the success of your VAWA case largely depends on how much evidence you can provide. However, evidence gathering and documentation may not be as easy as it sounds. This is why you want a very good VAWA lawyer who knows what they are doing on your side. Also, it’s not only about gathering the evidence but about presenting it in a professional manner that helps your case. Again, this may be difficult for an amateur VAWA lawyer to pull off, thereby limiting your chances in general. 
  • They May Not Be Very Convincing Before the VAWA Board: If, for any reason, you are required to appear before the VAWA official to plead your case, you want to ensure you have a qualified representative by your side. This is because their ability to convince the immigration board can help swing the entire case in your favor.

Red Flags to Watch Out for In a VAWA Lawyer 

Now that you know the consequences of settling for a lesser quality VAWA lawyer, it comes down to your ability to tell them apart. Here are some red flags to help you know which VAWA lawyer to avoid: 

  • Poor Communication Skills: The first sign of a quality VAWA lawyer is their excellent communication skill, and this is always evident from the unset. The ability to take complex immigration laws and break them down to terms you’ll understand is priceless. It makes you more enlightened about the entire process and enables you to make more informed decisions. If your lawyer lacks this quality, then they are probably not the person to be handling your VAWA application. 
  • Track Records: Another surefire way to tell if a VAWA lawyer is as good as they claim is by checking their track record. This is a list of their previous VAWA cases and reviews from old clients. It shows just how well they handled their past cases, and it will give you an insight into what to expect from them. Moreover, any VAWA lawyer who is hesitant to let you see their track record is probably not the right person for the job either. 
  • Hard to Contact: Any good lawyer should be available to help their clients, it is needless to have an attorney who is not available to help you when you need them. You may want to take note of how difficult to contact they are from the very beginning as it tells you how available they’ll be going forward. 
  • Honestly and Transparency: Honesty is often the bedrock of the best partnership, especially when it comes to attorney-client relationships. A lawyer who is not honest with you can not represent your best interest, and you do not want them handling your VAWA application.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You 

As far as VAWA cases go, hiring a bad VAWA lawyer is as good as not having one at all. To avoid such complications, you need to opt for the very best, and the Coleman Law Group is the perfect option. At the Coleman Law Group, we can guarantee all the best qualities you want in your VAWA lawyer. But most importantly, we are here to help your VAWA petition get approved in good time, and without any complications. 

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