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The Coleman Law Group Focuses on Divorce
You deserve caring and aggressive representation

Family law - including divorce, child custody, and child support - requires sensitivity and a deft understanding of both the law and the parties involved. Having someone you trust alongside can make all the difference.

If you are located in Land O Lakes, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, or any of the surrounding areas of Pinellas County, The Coleman Law Group, a trusted and experienced Florida divorce attorney, can assist you with divorce filings or having your marriage annulled, depending on the circumstances. We focus on divorce, including child custody disputes, spousal desertion, child support, and abandonment. There are certainly many lawyers you could hire, but your best option is to hire one who focuses on divorce.

The current economic times have been difficult on all of us and have left many individuals feeling trapped in unhealthy situations due to monetary constraints or a fear of financial uncertainty. The change of events regarding both financial and real estate markets have a number of families opting to remain in a volatile environment by postponing legal actions such as filing for divorce, custody and visitation rights, or even pursuing a domestic violence injunction as they are unable to afford to live in separate households. The Coleman Law Group is the ideal, affordable Florida divorce attorney for families facing these harsh circumstances, as our highly skilled and experienced attorneys can help you protect your rights and your assets.

Representing a high net worth of individuals in complicated financial matters requires a sophisticated financial understanding as well as in depth knowledge of the law. At The Coleman Law Group, our attorneys pride themselves on their quality of work and attaining positive, and highly satisfactory results for all of our clients. Our skilled Florida divorce lawyers are fully committed to offering each of our clients:

  • Individual attention
  • Punctual responses to personal necessities and inquiries
  • In depth and clearly specified explanations of your available options
  • Creative solutions to any difficult and/or complex problems one might have
  • An extensive menu of legal processes

On the surface, an uncontested divorce may seem to be easier and less confusing, and you may be tempted to try to go it alone, without the services of an attorney. Don't make that mistake. Divorce, even if uncontested, can be a difficult and lonely road, and you will need caring and aggressive representation... exactly the kind of representation provided by The Coleman Law Group, a trusted St. Petersburg divorce lawyer.

Besides filing the proper documents and presenting your case to the court, The Coleman Law Group will work tirelessly to review with you the facts of your case, offer timely advice, and explain the legal, financial, and tax implications of your divorce. We will help you navigate the often confusing and lonely road, so that you arrive at the "after" intact and ready to move forward with the rest of your life.
For your convenience, we are also a Florida bankruptcy lawyer.

You will not be just one of many cases or clients our St. Petersburg divorce attorney serves. We thoroughly comprehend that your issue at hand is unique, and we strive to focus on your needs the best we can throughout the divorce process. Our goal is to always help our divorce clients manage this stressful period by being there for them and protecting them. If filing for a divorce is unavoidable, contact The Coleman Law Group at your earliest convenience.

Our St. Petersburg based attorney realizes that a firm stance is required in order to uncover hidden assets or address issues of marital fraud and hidden assets. The same is potentially true in regard to cases that involve domestic violence/spousal abuse, or the distribution of complicated assets. However, for a number of individuals in certain circumstances, a more compassionate approach may better serve the situation at hand. In the matter of child custody, such as the establishment of visitation, relocation and support, we offer our skills and service as not only attorneys, but as mediators, with the best interests of your children’s wellbeing always in mind. In particular instances, such as the modification of custody and support agreements, or the enforcement of custody and support terms, a firmer stance may be essential regarding the issues at hand, but at The Coleman Law Group, we use our discretion when applying the appropriate form of approach to any, and all issues.

Spousal support and grandparents rights also have the ability of being established during the divorce process while working with our Florida attorney. In order to acquire your objectives for the maintenance or discontinuance of your current familial lifestyle, it is vital to have one of our skilled divorce lawyers on your side. We will work with you to protect the goals you have for the future and ensure that you are not susceptible to any form of parental alienation. This could mean ensuring that there is an equitable distribution of your assets or that children with special needs gets their important needs met. Fortunately, our firm’s attorneys are highly familiar with how to proceed in these complex processes, including those that may call for the involvement of Child Protective Services. We at The Coleman Law Group will do everything in our power to ensure that we have the ability to offer you services for any issue with which you may need support.

It is imperative to find a St. Petersburg divorce lawyer that strives to put your best interests first, whether it be financial or family based, such as promoting your children's best interests or securing your financial assets after a divorce. When two individuals are going through a divorce, it is vital to reach an outcome in which both spouses approve of. The Coleman Law Group strives to minimize avoidable costs, avoid additional emotional turmoil, as well as steer clear of adversarial proceedings.

Regardless of whether your divorce goes through mediation or the traditional court process, it is important to work with a divorce lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Generally, there is a 90-day waiting period, plus a formal filing service that customarily takes about one month. Overall, it takes a minimum of 120 days before a divorce can be finalized, so contacting a lawyer at your earliest convenience helps instigate this lengthy filing and notification process.

The Coleman Law Group incorporates cutting edge technology as part of our general practice to benefit our clients through a seamless interface as well as expedited processes, directly saving on expenses. When a divorce case calls for a complex litigation, our clients trust our focused strategies that are tailored to each individual case. Contact us today to discuss your case and we will help guide you through the process, wherever you need to go.

Our lawyers are also willing to discuss and explain how your taxes, credit rating, health care benefits, retirement plans and other issues will be affected by filing for a divorce. As a prestigious Florida attorney, we take steps necessary to protect your rights and guarantee you aren't burdened with a divorce settlement you'll regret in the future. Our renowned St. Petersburg attorney is prepared to negotiate, but are also aggressive litigators fighting for you and your objectives, especially when the division of debt, marital assets and custody issues are at stake.

The intricate concerns surrounding divorce and family law complications can be tremendously challenging. We at The Coleman Law Group can help you. Just call one of our three locations for further information. We have offices in St. Petersburg (727-214-0400), Tampa (813-749-9981), and Land O’Lakes (863-877-0007) Florida.

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